Ravens' Nest is open  

RavenBeauty5 56M/59F
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5/10/2006 2:47 am
Ravens' Nest is open

We have been made moderators of group and we have been making changes to what we would like to see in a group. We have lifted restrictions as to may become members and it is now open to the public. Both of us will be making entries here and at the group so we invite you to both. It is called the "Ravens' Nest." In order to do a search you have to go to Groups, then click on "Topical" and choose "Interracial." We have also opened the forum any topics. Naturally this one will be more personal. We like to think that we are open when it comes to discussions of sex. We have been approached by quite a few people these days but they just don't want to take the time to get to know us. We aren't going to die if we don't meet the right one(s), because we are here for some sexual exploration. We have met with a couple of men for mfm and we know that it can be very erotic. We continue our explorations and our search because we know it will be right. We both have thoughts of what it will feel when the temps start to rise. I am sure everyone's heart is racing as fast as mine as it turns intense. Sounds of ecstacy fills the room. Kissing and petting becomes more and more bold with each passing moment. Pretty soon everyone has lost their inhibitions and begin to chase their fantasy. You know someone's fantasy is coming true. Judging by reactions we seem to know what we are doing but we are here exploring as well. Who would have ever thought it would be this intense. What is even better is that it is just starting for us. We have had a few encounters but search for more. We still have some exploring to do. We know that you are out there and we would ask you if you could handle the ravens?

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