The meeting....(fictional but realistic)  

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8/15/2006 11:56 am

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The meeting....(fictional but realistic)

I decided today to express a part of me I dont often by writing a scenario, this is NOT directed at one person, it is mearly how I see things and How I am remmber NOTHING is set in stone and some may not like how I am but thats life....Lets take a walk shall we to the Meeting...

You call Me at 3 you say to Me look I have had a really hard day and I need to see you could you come see Me about 630 or 7. I reply yes baby I will come to you. I call the local Hotel and decide since we only have a evening to book the best suite they have with a jaquzzi in it.

I pack up a bag with a few needed items, I shower off, making sure i am clean when I arrive to you. My mind racing knowing I will get to care for you to change your day from bad to fantastic. as I drive my car the music leading my mind everywhere over and over I play this scenario out in my mind....about the Meeting.

I see you just off work in a pair of low black heels , a pair of black thigh highs, a short skirt, and a lovely silken blouse.. your hair is done nicely and your lips shined to perfection....

I walk up to your door with ONE single white rose in my hand, and I knock My pulse races.I wait patently as I hear just a minute. and then suddleny the door opens. and there you stand with a tired smile on your face, and a look in your eye like OMG you came and its all going to be ok now.

I take the flower from behind my back and present it to you as you take the rose I touch your hand lightly and say . A beauty taking a form of beauty what a treasure.then I watch you turn and place the rose on your entry table.

I take a step toward your door , and you turn back toward me. I reach for you and you literaly run to me huggng me close each of us feeling each others heat and energy.

I take my finger and trace your cheek bone softly tiling your face up toward mine slowly, I look into your eyes and I say softly, its ok now Im here, and i lean toward your face, i let my lips brush against yours lighlty.feeling the exchange of textures...soaking in your sesuality.
I kiss you softly a bit teasing yor lips and nibbling at them. sucking your bottom lip into my mouth slowly and i dart my tounge softly between your teeth and gum hitting that sacred most times forgotten spot...then I pull you to me and begin kissing you deeper with passion letting our tounges dance softly and in rhythm. I feel you let go and your body relax I know now your safe and your mine.

I release my kiss and let you compose yourself, then I grab your overnight kit and take it to the car with you hand in hand, I place the kit in the back seat then open your door for slowly moove into the space between the door and the car and say thank you and we kiss again softly. then you take your place in my angel wings..and sit exposing your inner thighs to me on purpose as you get settled you let out that coy smile.

I shut your door and take my place in the car we drive to the hotel where you had no idea where i was taking you , you just knew you had to be in my presence. we arrive at the hotel, I check in and get the keys and return to the car, you ask are we going to go get supper its been a long day for me, and Im hungry.

I reply to you I figured we would dine in and i wink. I take the car and park it, I grab our bags and have you follow me to the suite where i place the key in the door. you open the door for us and in the suite is a table set with two candles and two placements and two dishes in between covered in metal steel covers.

you smile at me and say your just way to much Rave. and I tell you shhhhh take your seat
and I pull out your chair for you...I speak softly dont touch anything yet. I walk to the bathroom and start a warm tub of water adding your favorite fragrence to it.

I return to the table and I take my place, I look you in the eye and I say your my girl and tonight this is your night to recive, so I odnt want you to stress I dont want you to plan I want you to just recieve and FEEL whats in store.

I pour us some chilled wine into the glasses then I lift the cover off one dish in it is a complete meal one of your favorites that i had discoved before hand. I said hmmm looks good I bet it will be nice to share
so we split it in half and we eat and watch eachother the erngy builds.. as we finish our meal..then you look at the other plate and cover and say what this Rave dessert?

I say well yes kind of. and I remoove the lid on the platter is a bottle of massage oil and next to the bottle is a lighter... i whisper to you stay there and i take the lighter and I disappear to the jaquzzi room I light candles all around it.. I take the blinds and close them and i lower the room lights...
I say cmere baby and i sit on the edge of the bed.

I say take those off you wont be needing them . and you say no im shy you cant see me I say ok and I walk to my bag pull out one of my tshirts and say here strip and put this on. and i turn my back to you .

when i hear ok i turn and there you are in my tshirt smiling form ear to ear I take you by the hand and lead you to the jaquzzi thats filled with warm water and beside it is a ipod filled with your fav music. the candles lit and I go over to the table. I say get in and get settled.

I bring you over your glass of refreshed wine and sit it by you where you can reach it. I say soak and relax. I go to the bed and I turn it back expossing the soft clean sheets I light candles on both sides of it . and I take the massage oil and place it next to the bed.I sprinkle honey dust ove the linens..

this was the meeting not the adventure...perhaps that will be revealed next...

We will see.... but this was yummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

Rave...slips off wondering if it will ever come to life...

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8/15/2006 12:40 pm

My wish for you.

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8/15/2006 6:57 pm

.. I want that


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