The Woman, The Car and The Donut Shop..Conclusion...  

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4/9/2006 4:17 pm

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The Woman, The Car and The Donut Shop..Conclusion...

Monday afternoon, in the middle of a planning meeting, (aka LUNCH), my cellphone goes off. it's her. I guess she didn't like being called a phony in an email. She leaves a voicemail. She lost her phone. She really wanted to meet us and that we sounded like cool people. OK, but if you lost the phone, why didn't she send an email? I called the old man, he said give her another chance. I had written her off with the email. Stand me up once, I don't revisit the past. Sayonara, Sucka. Well, I emailed her when I got home- I suppose to show that emailing does work- asked her out for dinner on Friday and that I would call her Thursday night. She emailed back, said she was looking forward to meeting.
Called her Thursday, she said we were still on for Friday. I asked her if she had any perferences for dinner? She didn't. Friday I called, asked her if she wanted us to pick her up or would she like to meet us somewhere. She didn't have a car. She said, she'd eaten already.
**Side note** I starved all day. I had 3 cups of coffee and a pretzel, and a breath mint all day. It had been a crappy week to begin with and now I'm fasting looking forward to a nice meal out. WTF??? end side note ***
My husband suggested Dunkin Donuts near her home. It was in walking diestance for her. We were giving her 15 mins to show up, then we were going to dinner.
We got there, and order some coffee and waited. She was on time. OK If you're expecting me to trash her and say she was hideous or terribly overwieght or had body odor or was a hairy beasty..keep waiting. I don't do those things. All of us are beautiful- simply because we are. But I am going to trash her atitude and the way her cellphone, yeah, that cellphone, kept ringing. Almost as if she told someone to get her out of there if she was having a problem. She wasn't going to get a problem from me- I wouldn't have done her on a dare after the lost phone caper.
So we sat there and we talked about the weather, her new job, our swinging experience and kids. I will say this- she had a pretty smile. After about 15 minutes, I wound up the interview with, 'Well we don't want to hold you up. It was nice meeting you.' Girlfriend flew out of that donut shop like she'd been shot out of a cannon, never looked back. She wouldn't have said goodnight, if i hadn't shouted it across the parking lot. LOL She said goodnight without even looking back. All you saw was her big fat butt walking at top speed back the way she came. Yeah I know I said I wasn't going to trash her, but thinking back on how rude that was..if you had been there, you would've been slightly ticked off at that too.
We went to dinner and discussed that encounter. The Hubby summed it up in a sentence..'In three months when she really wants to get serious and people start playing her, she'll get in touch with us.'
And I ended it with this, 'Hmm I wonder if I'll lose my cellphone when she calls?'


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