Support Your Local Vanilla Bar..or Drunks Just Wanna Have Fun  

RaunchyChocolate 52M/50F
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4/16/2006 4:50 pm

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Support Your Local Vanilla Bar..or Drunks Just Wanna Have Fun

A week ago last Friday we met the lady mentioned in a previous blog post. Nothing happened, but if you read the blog, you'll understand why nothing would've. After we met her we went to a bar nearby for karaoke. We're semi-regulars there and people know us, or know of us and like to be around us. It was this particular Friday that we noticed something interesting.
Vanilla bars are swinger bars in disguise! They have to be. There's no other explaination for the way women were launching themselves at my husband and me. Ok some of them were on the way to being pissy drunk, but if you nudged them in the right direction- you've hit pay dirt.
Last night was no exception. I went to another karaoke bar, also a place were we're regulars and found most of my friends nearly drunk and maybe 3 shots away from a full blown orgy at the bar.
Males and females, bi, lesbian and straight, it didn't matter. We were all over each other. I was really glad I decided to go out instead staying home. I was equally glad my niece didn't come with me like she was supposed to. I don't think I could've allowed her to see the wholesale debauchery at the corner of the bar. One guy, total ring leader, this one was tossing cake done all the women's shirts. I told him he'd have to clean me off and lifted my blouse. he took his time and everyone at the bar was watching us! i didn't care- I'm proud of these pups.
All the kissing, fondling, ass squeezing and titty snuggling and eating cake off each other was too much for some men who were there for the single's dance in the hotel ballroom downstairs. A few guys wanted to join in, but we politely turn them down. You had to be a regular. Wow, it was one helluva night. Shame it had to end, but I'm looking forward to next weekend. There was one casualty of this hedonistic karoake party, the guy with the cake- his girlfriend was there and she looked pissed off that he was fondling other women. I've since heard, from her, they split up. I wish she would've lightened up a little. She's a nice woman- just a little too serious at times.
Funny thing was- these were my vanilla friends. Wow- can't get more fun than that at a swinger's club. Whoever said karaoke was boring, obviously doesn't ride with me.


rm_BigDnLady 43M/41F
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4/17/2006 6:38 am

You never know how sweet vanilla can be, especially when you add a few different end up with a sundae..!! LOL!!!


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