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9/1/2005 5:48 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm


I am not playing games I have been having problems with my rasp account and I was talking to a friend telling him about and he told me to make a new profile so when I am having trouble getting in as rasp to use it I told him I couldn't think of a name so he told me to use the nick name i call you iceicebaby so I did I even put in my iceicebaby profile what happen and why I use that name somepeople thinks I am playing games but I am not ..I told 69_Nightly about both profiles and why he told me it didnt matter he loved me for me they are just handles for AdultFriendFinder..So if you if think I am playing games think again I am not..rasp

rm_69_nightly 60M

9/2/2005 6:01 am

rasp i know you are not playing mind games. i love u and most importantly i trust you.i know our friends wish us well and i thank them for their kindnes. unfortunately one or two on here will try to spoil things to them i say i dont listen to gossip and those who try to make out you are up to something..............ans as a couple to our friends we send all our love and to those that wish us ill all we can say is one day you will find love and know that silly games dont work when two people genuinely love and trust each other.

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