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11/3/2005 8:45 pm

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Continued 1

This is for the guys...
Further, it should be noted that sex Does Not begin or end in the bedroom (or other environment). Good sex begins in the morning at first eye-opening. Nor does it end with a climax.

For those of you with experience I say tune out now as you should know what comes next. Or maybe you're just not practicing what you think you know.

Start the morning with time for each other. And I do not a quick kiss on the way out the door. Take time to reinforce your feelings for her. Hold her in your arms for what for us guys will seem like a long time. Look at her, look INTO her eyes. Yes, I said into, NOT AT. When you finally get to the kiss, take your time. A long slow French kiss is what she is looking for. Not the kind you get into in the middle of sex, just a long slow loving kiss. And don't forget to tell her that you love her, AND MEAN IT, or get out of the relationship. Think about it!

Next chapter - coming home. Till next time, I'm still Randy.

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