Quietly relaxing...  

Random1962 55F
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4/21/2005 12:08 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Quietly relaxing...

Things have been really quiet lately since I missed my meet-up with Mike last Monday. I can only take so much glaring by the local Rent-a-cop before I get tired and leave. Plus I think we got our times mixed up.
Karen's pissed at me again but when isn't she off her nut about me? Was just laying on the couch with Feisty-cat on my stomach and she went ballistic. We both looked at her like she was navel lint. Cats. You gotta love how they teach their humans to be like them. Now if I could just get someone to scratch my itches...
Here's hoping that something will come up for this weekend. If it doesn't then I guess I can go to the zoo and make fun of the humans making fun of the animals.
Question? Who has it better, the humans or the animals? The animals don't work, ignore everything around them and get fed for it while the humans work like slaves taking care of the animals.... Almost makes you want to come back in the next life as a zoo critter.

papyrina 51F
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4/22/2005 5:38 am

i'm my cats mistress,i bow to there every wish and command,O to find a man like that

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