Gay? Not Gay? Who cares!!!  

Random1962 55F
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3/25/2005 12:02 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Gay? Not Gay? Who cares!!!

The guy who owns the house I've been living in for the past month (house sitting) came home early. He wasn't due back for another week. And surprise, surprise he now thinks he's bi. Older than me by several years and still hasn't made up his mind about his orientation. Not that I'm complaining. Not after last night.
Asleep on the couch and the next thing I know he's there sliding into my ass from behind. A great way to wake up. Knew it was him because Bruno was looking at us with his head on the arm of the couch. Had it been anyone else Bruno would have taken their head off.
Carl and I had a rousing time fucking each other and then sleeping. The most fun to be had happened this morning with both of us running late for work and ending up on the kitchen floor banging away. Was late for work but at least no one has commented on the fact that I'm having trouble walking. He does a good job for a man who just last month was certain he was gay as the day was long.

rm_keystonewest 68M
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3/25/2005 1:14 pm

many men come to a cross roads in there life and begin to wonder {is that all to life} then they start looking to live harder and try more things. some they would not try when yonger. i know that is where i am in live.wife went thru change and could care less about sex.ok for her but what about me?yes i love my wife and would not want to have her hurt.SO if i want sexand don't want to cheat on wife,then is it cheating to get sexual reief with another man,if that is all you want relief.this day and age many more men/women are getting burned out .then there start to tink of other outlets.we just want when we can get it.

man4nooners1 46M
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3/27/2005 11:55 pm

Wow, went for the back door right off. Pretty ballsy. Gotta respect that. Glad you got some play though. Not sure about his confusion. Did he experiment with another guy? Or did he merely find himself aroused by the idea? Either way, nothing like a hot willing woman to set a confused guy straight.

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