Carl learns a lesson  

Random1962 55F
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4/1/2005 12:38 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Carl learns a lesson

Got several hits this last week and am going to meet up with some of these gents. Maybe something will work out and who knows?

On the Carl front. Had to slap him down hard the other day. I absolutely will not put up with a possessive male. Don't mind house/dog sitting but when he said I HAD to live with him. Uh-uh. Told him the only way that would happen was if he could best me in a fair fight. (Remember the movie Red Sonja?) Didn't bother to tell him I'd gone from being a brown belt to black belt. Fair fight? Not really but then I've never fought fair.
Needless to say I may have set the poor man back in his ways. The last thing he said (other than groaning) was "Fucking bitch!!"

Oh well. I'm not normally like that and I do have a good hold on my temper. But no one gives this army brat orders.

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