Wed.Oct 12,,2005 A Normal Monday for me  

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10/12/2005 6:37 pm

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Wed.Oct 12,,2005 A Normal Monday for me

My work week starts on Wed & ends Sun.
The Usual, Take uniforms to office to be picked up, Put Gopher bait in Gopher holes,Put covers on coolers,wound 2 old clocks,Gave a couple of tours of our train barn, took lunch- a beef & bean burrito & a Pepsi,Spent rest of day shoveling
sand between Railroad ties to remove tripping hazzard- People Are not Supposed to walk along Railroad Tracks to begin with,Its about as smart as Walking on the Freeway in the middle of traffic.If I had my way we would be putting Rock Ballast down instead of sand- Sand Ballast for railroad track is Kinda like a milk bucket under a Bull- (For those of you CITY folk that Dont know
The milk you drink comes from COWS)Anyway sand is about as useless. Jesus Himself Said - " A wise man builds on Rock ,A fool builds on sand"
Well ,All I can say is- its thier nickle they had better not come Crying to me when the track shifts
because there is nothing to support it or when they have to spend money to replace ties becuase
the sand holds moisture & will rot the ties faster. They were told how to do the Job so it will last after I'm dead & gone but I'm a lowly caretaker that don't know nothing. I've only read 20 books on the subject,taken a corespondence course,& studied Railroads & built scale modles for the last 35 yearsas well as being the one out here DOING the work Laying Track over the last 9 years.enough Venting- anyway, end of day- Restock sodas, bring in flag,close & lock 19 building, set the alarm.Still in the contest, Now, Do I want to Have a Steak,or Pizza for dinner.
Exciting huh? At least its quiet & peacefull out here the leaves are turning & falling.
I'm just kicking back tonight, smoking my pipe, This is me,
what I am,what I do.Plain, Simple,a roof over my
head, food,pepsi & tobacco. There are people on this earth who would consider me a very wealthy man.Then Deny's this post until I edit it????? Guys Theres no bad words in this post
if you guys have a problem be specific & ACCURATE
I live in the U.S.A. My FREEDOM of speach is a right I have no Qualms fighting for.

rm_MustangD6644 52M
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10/20/2005 8:13 pm

What about if instead of using sand you used say 20mm [ie 3/4"] crushed rock to level out to the tops of the ties. It is more people friendly than standard track ballast but wont hold as much moisture as sand. Now the reason I believe they asked you to do the job is to remove a tripping hazard and so reduce a legal public liability risk.
Like I say when having to to do silly tasks, "What would I know".

RailBaron2 54M

10/20/2005 9:40 pm

Mustang- I know that- You know that,We are in 100 % agreement. But They cannot Understand that-
Yes Sand holds moisture, it doesn't pack,it blows away,It doesn't hold the track in line or surface.ect I put forth
all the logical arguments,They still insisted it be done that way.
I have time on my side, when these people are dead & gone & we get a Board that understands the form, fit, function of Track & its components & that the better the track the less maintenance costs, ect, ect, ect. I can come back in Dig out this sand & redo the track right so it will last. The tripping hazard is a valid point, the problem out here is there are so many hazards & they pick & choose. a example- they removed a ramp used by the railroad to load product onto the train for liability reasons- they then build a ramp that is 2' higher elsewhere for a gold mill display.Now - Whats wrong with that picture?Thanks for stopping by.

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