Stud service????  

RailBaron2 54M
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1/21/2006 6:07 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Stud service????

a Farmer goes to His niebor & knocks on the door
The 12 year old boy answers & the farmer asks- Is Yer Paw home? The youngster replys No Sir- he's in town. The Farmer then asks Is yer Maw home? The Boy answers - she's in town with Paw. the Farmer then asks _OK, how about Your Brother Howard? The Boy says & the Farmer repeats -He's in town with Maw & Paw. The Boy then asks the Farmer Can I help? I know where all Paw's tools are if you want to borrow one Or I can Give Paw a message If You'd Like?.
The Farmer shifts from one foot to the other & Finally Says- I really wanted to talk to your Paw
about Your Brother Howard Getting My Daughter
Mary Lou Pregnant. The Boy Thought a Minuet Then Said -You'll Definatly have to talk to Paw about that. If its any Help, I know Paw Charges $75.00
For the Draft Horse, $50.00 For the Bull & $40.00 for the Boar Hog But I haven't got a clue what Paw'd Charge For Howard.

tackman57 59M  
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1/21/2006 6:54 pm

Love the joke!!! If you don't mind, RailBaron, I'm going to take it to work with me! They'll love it!!! Thanks for sharing it & if you have any more, post them!!!

rm_magnet4u22 49F
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1/21/2006 8:11 pm


RailBaron2 54M

1/22/2006 8:10 am

Thanks Flyaway

Tackman- This joke was emailed to me & I thought I'd share it, feel free to pass it on.

Kate- No need to appologize.You will have to be patient There are those working behind the sceanes to help you,but as Princess Karma can tell you it may take time.

Mag- glad to make you laugh

TTigerAtty 62M

1/22/2006 8:13 am

Now Jim, that's a joke from my part of the country! Good one!

RailBaron2 54M

1/22/2006 12:55 pm

TTiger- I get these emailed to me Keep looking up.^3

GoddessOfTheDawn 105F
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1/22/2006 1:20 pm

~ smilez ~


TTigerAtty 62M

1/22/2006 1:44 pm

RailBaron2 - Talked with Kate on IM this afternoon, and I hope I was able to help her. She will try my suggestion and has my contact info. if she runs into any further barriers. Jim, you are a good friend to me and so many others on this site! God bless you!

RailBaron2 54M

1/22/2006 1:53 pm

TTiger- a friend should be sending you a message with my contact info. shortly, jim

RailBaron2 54M

1/22/2006 10:17 pm

Hi Sexyfitwoman, Glad you liked it.

RailBaron2 54M

1/23/2006 6:16 am

GoddessOfTheDawn- Welcome- Your post just showed up Thank You For Your Help

womanoirish 53F

1/23/2006 7:30 am

Hilarious joke!

RailBaron2 54M

1/23/2006 8:25 am

Welcome WomanOIrish, Glad You liked it.

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