S.P.ng History tour part 8 Laws at the turn of the century  

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S.P.ng History tour part 8 Laws at the turn of the century

The picture at left is a very rare & ealy photo of the Laws- formerly known as Bishop Creek Station.Taken aproximatly 1910.From my personal collection.
The 8 Carson & Colorado Locomotives were each originally named for stops along the route.
# 1 was named " Candelaria", # 2 "Bodie", # 3
"Colorado" # 4 "Churchill" #5 "Bellville" # 6 "Hawthorne" #7 "Benton" & # 8 "Darwin" All 8
Were Built by baldwin Locomotive works in Philadelphia,Pennsylvainia as wood burning locomotives.The Bodie & Darwin were the only 2
that the railroad never reached these towns. In 1900 these 8 engines were converted to burn coal.
in 1910 they were converted to burn oil.
The Locomotive pictured is # 5 the "Bellville"
Southbound at Laws Station. In 1903 The S.P. started putting Name boards on the stations & distance from SanFransisco by rail. Laws was 506.8 miles from SanFransisco by rail.
The Laws yard was 20 acres of land 400' wide X close to 2000' long . The Depot,Outhouses & Coal shed, Agents House, Section Foremans House,Hand Car Sheds, Sand House, Water Tank & Hand opperated "A" Frame or " Gallows" Turntable Built in March of 1883 were going thru some changes.
In 1889 the Turntable was moved 20 miles up the line to Hammil Then in 1903 it was returned to Laws & rebuilt on its original site & at some time lengthened from its original 48' diameter to its present 56' Diameter., In 1902 the Water tank was rebuilt,& lasted until March 7, 2005( i will get into what happened in a Much later post).
The Depot was being expanded- at the North end a
waiting room was added in 1912, & the Present StationAgents Office was added in 1917. The Frieght Dock was also expanded & the Depot appers today as it did from 1920 -present. Northof the Depot There were warehouses being built & a stock corral capable of handling 8 ng. carloads of animals. A typical ng. stock car could haul 18 head of Horses or Cattle, or 50-60 head of Hogs ,or 80-100 head of sheep. In the spring tripple headed locomotives would head north over
the summit of Montgomery pass with 20-25 loaded cars & then the same would happen south bound in the fall.The grade is 3.2 % over the pass & the reason for 3 locomotives.Air Brakes were being installed as well as knuckle couplers making the Brakemans job a lot safer.There were quite a few things though at Laws that we take for granted today-
No electricity until 1916,Candles & oil lamps provided light.No indoor toilet except a chamber pot until 1923.The closest thing to toilet paper was the
Sears & Robuck Catalog.You churned your own butter, Made your own Ice Cream,there was no refrigeration so in the winter men would go to the lakes in the High Country & cut ice blocks out of the lake & bring them down by horse & wagon to Ice Houses that had walls & cieling filled with sawdust for insulation. You washed clothes by hand in a tub with a washboard.you raised chickens for the eggs & if the hen got too old & could lay anymore guess what was for dinner?
but first you had to catch it, kill it, pluck it.
The men might go fishing & bring home trout,or go Hunting for Rabbit, Deer, Quail,Phesant, or Chucker.if you had any cows thats where you got your milk,& again if the cow quit produceing guess who would wind up on the dinner table. You made your own Sausage, grew your own vegatables & fruits or bartered with the niebors.it was a time you didn't lock your door as thieves were delt with very quickly & severly. If you were a Boy growing up You'd be out helping Dad & GrandPa,if a Girl You'd be helping Mom & GrandMa. If you did go to school It was the 3 R's Reading, Ritein,&
Rithmatick.There was none of this " Time out" back then but the old Hickory switch or paddle applied to the behind & when you got home you got it again from Dad.There was No TV,NoRadio,No Video games, No Phone,No Computer,Wasn't a paved road until 1932.The women baked Bread,Cakes, cookies pies, Sewed,made a lot of thier & the familys clothes.
Canned vegitables & Fruits.No vacume cleaners,The Doctor would come & see you, or in an emergency You got loaded into a wagon & made the 1-1/2 hour ride to town.You took 1 bath a week, "whether you needed it or not".Ladies- You couldn't vote,No Birth control or abortion -You Got pregnant You had & raised that child,-Men, If You got a woman pregnant You'd better Damn well be married cause if you weren't you would be walking down the isle & gettin married whether you liked it or not,in front of her Father & he'd have a 12 gauge double barrel shot gun filled with rock salt pointing at your behind.No condums,
no pads or tampons,no mouthwash,no shampoo,no gas or electric stove,no chainsaw,no power tools.
Now, Aren't you all gratefull to be living in the 21st Century???????

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Very grateful!!!!


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I think that a lot of people would be very shocked to find themselves in a world like that. About 7 years ago Melbourne lost its gas supply [the heating cooking kind not petrol] and you would not believe the stupid antics some people got upto and risked injury over to just have a hot bath or a shower. There were also some who were so selfish as to not play their part and take it on the chin to conserve what gas remained in the system for the sick and the elderly. One dickhead even boasted about it on the radio, I hope his mates found out and gave him what for, because a lot of other people would have done him in.
Yet again an enlightening entry Jim.


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Mag, I thought you'd be
Mustang-Thank you, I'm afraid what you describe Happened in the NewOrleans area & any where else there is a natural disaster- people these days are so relient on technology that the worst in man comes out.In the days 100 years ago if there was a flood or blizzard People helped thier niebor today its everyone for themselves. Jim

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