Memorail day weekend2005 bringing History to life  

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Memorail day weekend2005 bringing History to life

The Nevada State Railroad Museum in Carson City, Nevada was celebrating its first 25 years, a good friend of mine H.M. Yerington- Vice President,& General Superintendant of the Virginia & Truckee Railroad was on hand for the festivities.Photo at left is H.M. Yerington conversing with the crew prior to departure.For the 3 days over memorial day weekend Mr. Yerinton was there telling folks about the glory days of the V&T,He was in Sacramento in 1999 for RailFair & at the Laws Museum in 2002,3,&4 for " Good Ole Days.
During His 82 years Mr. Yerington was involved in some 40 companies, & was a President,Vice President, Secratary, or Treasurer of 16 of the 40 companies,Born in Canada, He moved to the Navada Teritory & was involved in timber,Mineing, Milling. His home in Carson City, Nevada still stands today As does the Carson City Depot where He had His office.He was involved in the V&T,C&C
Railroads,Inyo development company, Lake Tahoe Lumber & Flumeing Co. & died in 1910.Fortuneatly for future generations , He kept his letters & bussiness corespondence & it is in varius Places like the University of Reno- Special collections & The Bancroft library.

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11/30/2005 7:17 am

Hi Again HBGirl, I have been very fortuneate to aquire a few peices for my own personal collection over the last few years,Most of these bussinesses are so regulated today that I doubt these men would even try. I warned you I did a lot of writing while yiou were gone ,as you go through the blogs from top to bottom your going farther back in time, Hope you enjoy them & don't work too hard. Jim

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