C&C History tour part 6  

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C&C History tour part 6

The Carson & Colorado Railroad was built Primarily to ship ore from the many mines along the route at faster speeds & cheaper rates.
before the railroad it cost $4.00 a ton to ship by wagon & took several days. now to us $4.00
doesn't seem like much, But if You were a Miner,
A locomotive engineer- That was 1 days wages.
with the railroad the shipping cost was cut in half.- Gold,Silver,Lead,Zinc,Sulfer,Talc,Marble- were shipped out on the railroad. Yet the C&C never lived up to the success of its Parent V&T.
In 1892 H.M. Yerington opened his mouth & stuck his foot in it When He told the Editor of The Inyo Independant Newspaper-" The People of the Owens Valley cannot or will not work- we were Promised 300 tons of wheat to ship out of this Valley & all we got was 30 tons & Such wheat that it not fit for consumtion1" - Mr. Yerington would later regret his Harsh words. as The mines played out traffic on the C&C dwindled.Trains ran late habitually in one instance a train pulled into the Bishop Creek Station & Mr. Schively the Station Agent came out- looked at his watch & exclaimed " I don't belive it! For the first time in a month the Train is on time!" The Engineer
leaned out of the cab window & Groweled- ' On Time HELL- This is Yesterdays train!"
A Woman passenger on another train was constatly
pestering the Conductor about all of the stops & delays, The next stop the Conductor Told this Dragon of virtue- "Madaam- The Fireman is Ill"
She Replyed "Oh My is it serious?" The Conductor
Gravely nodded His head in the affirmative .
She Then asked How He could tell the poor Fireman was ill? To which the conductor at the end of his paitience Replyed- Because Madaam, He is AT THE SIDE OF THE TENDER THROWING UP WOOD AS HE HAS HAD TO DO AT EVERY STOP WE HAVE MADE ON THIS DAMN TRIP!!! Another Conductor Fred Balazar Who would Latter become Govenor of Nevada - would have the train stop at Hammil & he would walk the 1/2 mile
to the Cinnamon Ranch & court the lovely Miss Cinnamon for a couiple of hours Then walk back to the train & be on thier way. ( in those days you have to remember courting ment They talked in the Presence of a Chaparone- No kissing & NO sex if a man did mannage to get the lady to sneek away & they got caught then the man would be walking down the isle with a 12 gauge shotgun filled with rock salt pointed at his rear end.)
In March of 1900 along comes the Southern Pacific Railroad & offers Darius Mills $ 2,750,000 for his 300 mile long narrow gauge railroad. Mr. mills took the deal & moved back to NewYork Where He was orriginally from glad to be rid of his " White Elephant" The ink was hardley dry on the transfer papers when a fellow named Jim Buttler
Got mad at his wayward Mule- picked up a rock to throw at the mule, And just as he was about to let the rock fly something about that rock made him stop- look it over- it was high grade silver ore.- with that find Tonapah Nevada was born.
The Southern Pacific Built a 3' gauge branch off of the C&C at what was to be known as Tonapah Junction. There was a couple of little problems-
Traffic from tonapah had to go to the C&C, Run up to Mound House- Be transfered from the 3' gauge C&C to the 4'-8&1/2" Standard gauge V&T- & If you have read the previous posts - Who Owned the V& T?? Thats right - Darius Ogden Mills so the contents of the cars would then go to Reno on the V&T- & have to be transfered again From the V& T To the S.P. This went on in BOTH directions . As a result of this- Cars on the S.P. were backed up from Reno clear into Sparks. Perishable goods got top priority as there were no refrigerator cars back then. It didn't take long before the Saloon owners Started haveing " Perishable marked on thier Large crates of Gambling equipment & Booze & sneeking it through at faster speeds & cheaper rates.- Tommorrow- S.P. Wakes up & Smells the coffee.

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