C&C History tour part 4- Skinny dipping in Walker lake  

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C&C History tour part 4- Skinny dipping in Walker lake

I posted this back in Sept. & have now deleated that post so I can rewrite it here.
in the Summer it was customary for the train crew heading west bound (North toward Mound House)
to stop a few miles out of town around a curve 7 well out of site of anyone & the crew would leave the train & go Skinney dipping in the cool refreshing waters of Walker Lake.
the train had few passengers & would only stop if there was no one but the train crew on board.
Well, one day they forgot that they HAD a passenger on board,A FEMALE passenger who just happened to de the very Striaght laced wife of Mr Campbell who was the Editor of the Hawthorne News paper. The train stopped & Mrs. Campbell wondering why the train had stopped sat there for several minutes & finally decided to go & investigate. She went through the 2 coaches, The
caboose, went back up,calling & no answer. She got off the train & walked up to the cab- Empty- no one. she then decided to walk up the track & see if there was something wrong. there was a curve & a cut she walked through, & as she came around the corner she got the SHOCK of her life
She litterally caught the crew with thier pants down. she was not seen by the crew who were jumping into the cool water in only thier birthday suits. Mrs Campbell made a hasty retreat back to the coach & pretended to be asleep when the crew returned & the conductor came through
she arrived at Mound House & a couple days later returned to Hawthorne where she told her Husband all that she had seen with her own eyes.
The following week, a SCATHING editorial appered in the Hawthorne Newspaper & a copy found its way to Carson City,Nevada to the desk of President &
General Superintendant Henry M. Yerington, delivered personally by Robert j. Laws who was the Assistant Superintendant who was living IN Hawthorne. After the editorial was read which was a blistering denunciation of the lack of decorum
of the railroad, HORRIFIED management quickly made a new rule.

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11/17/2005 7:24 pm

What was the new rule?


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11/17/2005 7:59 pm

Ladies, Your allways Welcome- Aren't you glad you live in the 21st century.
Flyaway I haven't gone skinny dipping either, with my luck I'd be caught just like the crew was.
Mzhunyhole-You love to skinney dip-ever been caught?
Magnet- The exact rule I have not come across yet in my research but
President &
General Superintendant

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11/17/2005 10:38 pm

Oh HBGirl- Scandalous would be a understatement back then. Remember
That there was little to no discussion about sex,except what you would hear on a sunday morning at church, & that was all negative.
sex was viewed with 1 thing in mind- children. a woman was to stay with her parents until she was married while at home she learned how to cook,clean,sew,crochet,maybe learn how to play a piano.If a man came courtin There was a Shaparone.i will be posting more on this subject in a future blog in this series. thank You for stopping by - you are allways welcome.

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