C&C History tour part 3  

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11/16/2005 5:34 pm

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C&C History tour part 3

Ok, We left off yesterday with the picture of a 400-600 man work force,Shovels Picks,Spike mauls glistening in the Sun over a span of a couple of miles- a distant observer might think it was a company of soilders under drill, winter cold, summer heat, these men working from sun up to sun down. In the summer These men probably worked with no shirts on sweat glistening off of thier
strong muscular chests & arms.
The site of Hawthorne, Nevada was reached in 1881 a tent city sprang up at was to be the first Division Point on the Carson & Colorado Railroad.
With the first schedualed train came the first settlers to this desolate area,All men at first Barber,Butcher,Blacksmith,Carpenters,Undertaker,General store Owner,Gamblers, & Saloon Owners.
Goods are brought in by the railroad Your lumber for the buildings, nails, pipe. Glass for windows coffee, sugar,oats,flour,salt,hay,Whiskey.Saloons & shops were rapidly set up,Its payday for the Railroad workers .Now - I have 2 kinds of students-
The Sponge Heads & the Sive heads- I'm going to see who Has been reading & sopping the information up & who its running thru.
What is the town of Hawthorne Located in?
What is in short supply?
What 4 things have the railroad workers NOT done all week?
The Railroad men First line up at the barbers for a much needed shave & a Hair cut.,The Chineese Quickly set up a laundery, & start washing clothes
a bath house is set up,water has to be heated by
wood stoves & the bath water is reused several times .The cleaner & hotter the water the higher the price. the colder & dirtyer the lower the price.Lye soap was used . Now Ladies & Gentlemen,
Youv'e had some time to think about the 3 questions I posed ealier. The answers- Hawthorne ,Nevada is Located in a Desert,at first the town is a tent city- It takes time to dig wells by hand, & set up windmills to pump the water out of the ground,Where is all the water needed comming from To make the coffee, Fill the Locomotives Boiler, Wash Clothes & give over 600
men a Bath?,The RAILROAD had to bring water in in wooden tank cars.The Railroad workers have not shaved unless it was a dry shave, They have not had a Bath in 6 days,They have not washed thier clothes & each man may only have a shirt or 2 a couple of pairs of full body underwear,a couple of pairs of slacks or a early version of Levi Struase's Denum or Tent Canvas pants .
What else is missing out here in the middle of NOWHERE?-Its about dusk & down the track a whistle is heard in the distance. Every Man Heads for the newly constructed Station. The crys of
TRAIN CCCOOOMMMMIIINNNNNN echo from the streets,
A little 4-4-0 wood burner Hisses into the station behind the engine a baggage car & a couple of coaches with the shades Drawn on the windows. The Train Crew goes about filling the tender of the Locomotive with wood & a bucket brigade is fomed to fill the tender with water, there are Large steamer Trunks being unloaded & put on wagons to be hauled into town .The Conductor Steps out onto the open coach platform & the men go so silent you can hear a pin drop.
The Conductor Then Booms out with a Loud Voice-
Opens the Coach door & Speaks in a normal tone.

step this way-

Now You think there are KNUCKLEDRAGGERS ON THIS SITE? From Virgina City, Nevada a Special Train left early in the morning, at Mound House the Passengers Transfered from the standard guage V&T
to the narrow gauge C&C And at Full speed all the way ,stopping only for wood & water the Hawthorne Express has arrived on time.
Who on earth could be aboard ??? The Top Brass of the RailRoad??? More Merchants??? The Men are waiting with hearts pounding & baited breath.
Thru the door of the coach steps a man in bib overalls, He has a step in his hand which he sets at the bottom of the coach step on the ground.
Then out of the car comes- Could it be- OH MY GOD
it IS !!!! Faces of the men start lighting up in big smiles -ITS A WOMAN- THE FIRST WOMAN TO SET FOOT IN TOWN. She is 5'-4" Long brown hair, a long flowing dress ,she has big brown eyes & lips that are bright red .She turns Around as any Proper Lady would, picks up the hem of her dress so not to get her feet tangled & desends backwards . The Young Brakeman helps her down.
at the bottom ,now once her feet are on the ground she turns to the large crowd of men who have remained silent & are now just HUNGERLY Staring at this Beautifull Creature. She addresses The Crowd- Gentlemen, would any of you
want to help the rest of the ladies off of the train & with thier luggage & then meet us at the big tent tonight at 8:00 p.m for a little entertainment? Come along ladies we don't want to keep all these men waiting, as another, then, another, & yet another,& another woman steps off the train.The men erupt into cheers,whistles, tripping over themselves to get close enough to smell thier sweet expensive perfumes . The Ladies of the Eavning Have Arrived!!!!!!!

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11/16/2005 7:14 pm

And, how did I know that those ladies would be on the train

Can't wait for more of the story.


RailBaron2 54M

11/16/2005 8:05 pm

Hi Magnet,I just posted a "SideTrack" The Ladies of the Oritorical &
Recreational Society. Glad your enjoying the Blog posts. Jim

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11/19/2005 12:09 am

You are truely enjoying telling this story arent you Jim.

RailBaron2 54M

11/19/2005 7:13 am

Mustang - Yes I do enjoy it & there is much more to come.

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