C& C History tour part1  

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C& C History tour part1

Since many of you cannot come to me Then Thru the magic of the internet I will come to you. I have been saying I'm going to put all my knowlage down about my favorite railroad So sit back relax & enjoy the tour. Why am I doing this here & now?-
1. Next Monday, Nov.21st 3:34 P.M. I will be 43 years old.
2.I cannot think of a better place or anyone else to share a major part of myself with than with all of you.
3.Its time to get some things done- no more procrastination, no excuses,This train is 9 years
behind schedual.This Train is about to go to full steam or HIGHBALL .Those wishing to disembark , please be sure you have all personal effects before you jump.
those remaining on board, we ask for your safety please keep your heads & other body parts inside the coach at all times .
first of all welcome aboard the SageBrush Rocket
for a trip back in time of 125 years.
The same men that built the Virginia & Truckee Railroad - A standard gauge line that ran from the fabulous Comstock Mines in Virginia City, Nevada to Reno, Nevada built during the period of 1869-1872 Incorperated a new railroad company. On May 10,1880 The Carson & Colorado Railroad was born. This new railroad was to be a 3 foot narrow gauge line that started at Mound House ,Nevada 10 miles east of Carson City, Nevada & was to run a total Distace of 600 miles, winding up at a place called Collville on the Colorado River in southern California. the 35 lb per yard rail reached the site of Bishop Creek in March of 1883
The first train arrived on April 1,1883 at 2:45 in the morning. On april 21st, 1883 the C&C brought south a wood water car with 5,000 trout.
The trout were unloaded at Bishop Creek,placed in special buckets, put on mules & transported the last 1/4 mile to the nearby Owens River. Track laying continued for another seventy miles to Hawley on the east shore of Owens Lake. Three hundered Miles From Mound House,arriving on July 12th 1883.Upon completion to the midway point the C&C stock holders decided to take a 2 day inspection trip over the new line in a plush wooden coach, pulled behind a little 24 ton Baldwin 4-4-0 wood burning steam locomotive.The train reached speeds of 25 m.p.h. to the hair raising 40 m.p.h. with only 26/25-40 air conditioning. ( For those unfamiliar with 26/25-40 air conditioning- That means 26 windows in the coach are up & open & your doing 25-40 m.p.h.) Before this railroad was built there was only 3 means of transportation. You either walked,rode a horse or rode in a wagon pulled by horses or Mules. A trip from Los Angeles to Bishop-300 miles
took 10 days- today it only takes 5 hours.The 5 mile trip from Bishop Creek Station to the town of Bishop took one & a half hours.
After 2 days of seeing little else besides sand, sagebrush,& jackrabbits the train arrived in Hawley where it was 105 degrees in the shade- & there was NO such thing as shade at Hawley.
William Sharon, who had just returned from a term as U.S. Senator for the State of Nevada,& who thought up the idea of the V& T & later C&C railroads ,got off the coach acopanied by Henry M. Yerington, President of the C&C & general Superintendant, Robert J. Laws, Assistant & Construction Superintendant, & Darius Ogden Mills,-President of The V&T, Soon to be President of the Bank of California ( Today the Bank is known as Union Bank of California)& chief stockholder of the C&C. Mr Sharon says to Mr Mills- " What do you think of your new railroad"
Darius mills looks around this Desolete, God forsaken landscape, reaches down, pickes up a handfull of sand & lets it run through his fingers & says " Gentlemen, We have either built this railroad 300 miles too long- or 300 years too soon. With that He turned & got back on the coach & that was as far as the narrow gauge went.

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No need to appologize Flyaway- You have done nothing wrong, I'm glad to know at least 1 attractive lady thinks I'm awsome. Thank You
Hhhhhuuuuugggggg right back at you.Jim

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