Blogville Christmas Carrol -ACT 4  

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Blogville Christmas Carrol -ACT 4

Scrooge slept until the clock struck 1. he jumped up, & looked around.HMPH!, One oclock & NO ANGEL!
I knew it was a lie!, HUMBUG!He turned around & standing there, With arms crossed & a smile, was the Angel The voice had spoken of. Scrooge was in Shock & in aw for before him stood a radiant creature- Female, 6'-0" tall,Skin that gave off a soft white light,long wavey brown hair& dark
eyes that reached deep into Scrooges soul. Dressed in a white Gown with a gold belt & a wreath of flowers crowning her head. both the belt & wreath were encrusted with Brilliant Gems the like of which Scrooge had never seen, A pair of wings folded behind her. it took Scrooge a few monents but he finally spoke- Your H HERE! Are YOU the Angel wjose comming was fortold to me? "I AM" said the angel.
Scrooge Looking up & down His strange yet very beautifull visitor asked- Angel, Why are you here?
The angel gracefully glided across the room to the window " I have come to renew memories long forgotten, My time is short Ebeneezer, walk with me. The window opened seemingly on its own,Again the Angel said- " Come Ebeneezer we have much to see- Scrooge stepped forward & looked out the window & looked at the angel then back out the window- Angel- Unlike you, I do not have wings, I am a mortal & if I step out the window I unlike you will fall. The angel took Scrooges hand tightly & placed another on his chest over his heart & said- Fear Not Ebeneezer, My touch on your heart shall indeed hold you up in more than this & into the air & out the second story window they went. at first Scrooge was terrified but found himself High above the city below The Angel
noticing The look on Scrooges face said to him- "Why Ebeneezer, I thought You LIKED looking down on the world", as they flew into a cloud.
They arrived on a dirt road, & Scrooge Now back on solid ground & VERY thankfull for it looked around in disbelief.The Angel spoke- Ebeneezer- Is this place familiar to you?-Scrooge not as sarcastic as before replyed" You KNOW it is Angel, I could walk this road Blind folded.The angel took Scrooge by the arm ,"come" & the next thing Scrooge knew He was seeing events that had lead to His Father, Mother & Sister Haveing to go to debtors prison, How God had provded for His Family & how that provision was squandered & in many cases refused.Ebeneezer's Father was a Proud & stubron man who would not ask for help, or accept help,& as a result of that pride & stubroness, The whole Family suffered.Why Scrooge as a young boy had to spend Christmas with the School teacher away from the rest of His Family,His Apprenticeship at Fezziwigs,After seeing all this.The Angel asked Ebeneezer- Do you now still blame God for what happened? Scrooge regretting his words earlier, hung His Head in shame & said " No Angel" The angle directed Him toward a Church & Said " Good.- Belle is in there- at Church for a Christmas eve service"- Why Ebeneezer, Your lip is trembling- is that A tear on your cheeck?"Scrooge tryed to be sarcastic & said NO- its just a speck of dust in my eye- Angel- Can I see her?
The Angel Smiled & nodded, "Yes Ebeneezer but first I have something for you" & produced a bundle of letters & gave them to Scrooge .
Scrooge looked at the letters then the Angel -
"Angel, These are BELLE'S Letters to me- HOW did you get these??? I DESTROYED them in my fire Place YEARS AGO ??? The Angel smiled "Ebeneezer, ALL things are POSSIBLE with GOD- THIS IS YEARS AGO.- Here, Read this one. & pulled a letter out of the pile & handed it to Scrooge & took the other letters & put them away- Scrooge opened the letter still smelling of Belles perfume & read-
" My Dearest Ebeneezer, I think of You constantly, each time we are together, I Pray it is the last time we must part.I long for the day I can hold you, & kiss you. I'm glad you were able to get your Mother & Sister Out of Debtors Prison as You father asked before He died & that your making your bussiness a sucsess, But You musent work such long hours, Money is only temorary, God Will meet our needs- HE alone can make us happy. With all my LOVE,Belle.
Scrooge folded the letter & handed it to the Angel
OH Angel, what happened to Belle & I? The Angel looked at Scrooge sadly-Ebeneezer why did you let
Silver & Gold Become Your God ? Look- they are comming out of Church".Ebeneezer started walking toward Belle Calling to her- She did not respond. Scrooge turned to The Angel who said- "Ebeneezer,They have No conciesness of us." Scrooge looked back to Belle & saw a young man standing with her- He turned to the Angel -Angel- Who is She with?- The Angel took Her right hand and crossed it to her left elbow & raised her left hand with her fingers touching her forehead & shook her head from side to side , Then sighed- ARE you THAT far removed from your past Ebeneezer-ITS YOU!!!! COME!!! & they joined the young couple just a few feet away Belle was crying & Scrooge DID NOT want to face this memory- "Angel- Please NO!" For the First time The Angel was Stern With Scrooge- "SILENCE SCROOGE & LISTEN!" & turned him back toward the couple.
Young Scrooge- What is it Belle?, Have I Hurt You?
Young Belle- Yes Ebeneezer, You & your whole manner, I just didn't want to see it.
Young Scrooge- What do you mean???
Young Belle - I know it is not lack of sleep or poor health- I have been displaced in your heart by an Idol, a Golden one of Money & GREED. I will allways LOVE YOU Ebeneezer, Loved What You where, What I thought you were, But God Won't Share You with Greed & Niether will I.
Young Scrooge- You Dont understand Belle, Thats the way of the world- It Crushes the week & infirmed & binds them forever, I have NEVER stopped Loving YOU Belle.
Young Belle-You Love Money More than you love God or me The way of the world is one I do not wish To pursue- I make my way thru prayer & you By other means, I release you Ebeneezer. Belle then Kissed Ebeneezers Cheeck & put something in His Hand & Ran Off Crying .Young Scrooge stood there & looked down- it was the Gold engagement ring he had Given Belle. Old Scrooge Ran up to his Younger self & Yelled- DONT JUST STAND THERE YOU FOOL- GO AFTER HER!!!!!Then Scrooge went to Kick his Younger self in the ass & forgetting what the Angel had said Scrooge did what would be latter known as the " CHARLIE BROWN" manuver( See Charles Shultz -"PEANUTS" Comic strip for reference.) Scrooge kicked with all his might, went right through his young counterpart being only a shadow of what was & Promtly fell painfully on His OWN ass.The Angel Looked up into Heaven & Shook her head. End act 4

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It is Mag- ACT 5 has been posted 6:43 p.m. tues. Jim

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