Blogville Christmas Carrol -ACT 1  

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Blogville Christmas Carrol -ACT 1

Scrooges office- at right The ever faithfull & loyal Bob Cratchit- working on the accounting. Scrooge sneaks into the room behind Poor Bob,

CRATCHIT! and of course at this poor Bob is statled & he almost spills the ink,
Cratchit-"I'mworking on them now sir"
Scrooge- ' Well be quick about it,When I had you stay after normal bussiness hours it Wasn't for a Social visit- Your here to WORK- See that you DO it.
Cratchit- Yes Sir & by the way- MERRY CHRISTMAS Uncle
Scrooge-MERRY CHRISTMAS???? BBAAHH!!! Every Year tis the same thing- Merry Christmas, Peace on earth, Good will toward men-Bah! Its enough to make a person REGURGITATE! & I Suppose the BUZZARDS will be around from the local Charity
wanting ME to give them Christmas cheer again this year. Well if christmas cheer is what they want, Christmas cheer I shall give them! ON THE END OF MY BOOT I WILL!!!
Why in the Hell can't they Leave a person alone!- Who NEEDS Christmas!-If I had my way- EVERY IDIOT that went about with MERRY CHRISTMAS ON HIS FOOL lips would be Boiled in his own damn pudding & BURRIED WITH A STAKE OF HOLLY DRIVEN THROUGH HIS HEART!!!! BAH HUMBUG!!!
Cratchit- I'm sorry to see you so disturbed sir, it IS Christmas time.
Scrooge-in a very sarcastic voice- I would THINK
you would be disturbed as well if I came along & PICKED YOUR Pocket, EVERY 25th of December.& I suppose you want the whole day off too.
Cratchit- If its quite convieniant sir?
Scrooge- ITS NOT CONVIENIENT SIR! Not at all! What is Christmas time to you but a time to spend unearned MONEY on USELESS gifts? a time to find Yourself another hour older but not a penny richer- A time to wieght down your allready unballanced & overburdened books- COMPLETE STUPIDITY & TOTAL FOOLISHNESS!!!
Cratchit-Sir, Gifts are not the meaning of Christmas, giving is .Its a time for sharing our blessings that God has given us with one another.
Scrooge- HHMMMPPPPHHH! Your God Has Given Me NO gifts!-The Only Thing He has given me is a pain in the Neck. I've had to WORK for everything I Have,& Shareing? A FINE lot of good that will do me- I'VE NEVER SEEN A PROFIT from it!
Cratchit- I dare say not everything turns a profit- at least NOT in Gold or Silver.But some things Profit in far better ways-I Say Praise God for showing us what has REAL VALUE!
Scrooge- & I say- BLAST HIM for not leaving me alone!You keep Christmas in YOUR way & LET me keep it in MINE!
Cratchit-But thats just it- You dont keep it.
Scrooge- Then Let ME leave it be- PREFERABLY BURRIED if I wish.
Cratchit- But Sir Don't You See-Scrooge cuts him off in mid sentance-CRATCHIT! I DON'T PAY YOU TO PREACH! I pay you to work WHICH I WONT DO for MUCH longer if you don't get Back To It.IF YOU WANT TO THANK God for something- THANK HIM I'M Your Uncle!!! If it were not for THAT fact ,you would have found Your home in the Gutter a long time ago! Now get those figures DONE by 7 oclock before I Decide to SEVER our WONDERFULL relationship.!
Cratchit- Yes Sir,Very well Uncle.
A couple Hours latter-
Cratchit- Sir? Sir? its its.
Scrooge-ITS WHAT cratchit! Time is MONEY & you know I can't stand People wasting it! What Do you want man Speak up!
Cratchit- Its before 7 oclock sir & here are the figures you wanted Handing the documents to Scrooge who looks them over with a Critical Eye.
Then content that the work was done satisfactrily
says" Well Cratchit,I suppose you want to Flee this place & get on with your Merry making?
Cratchit- If you'd be so kind sir, won't you join us for dinner? you've never even met my wife.
Scrooge- How in the world could a man as poor as you even Consider getting married Cratchit?
Cratchit-Well sir because I fell in love.
Scrooge- very sarcastic & mocking- Because I felll
iinn LLoovvee- RUBISH!
Cratchit- We only want your company.
Scrooge- That, & TOMORROW OFF I suppose?
Cratchit- INDEED I Will Thank you uncle, Merry Christmas, God Save You.
Scrooge- I would sugest you leave quickly nephew, Before I Come to MY senses & Change MY MIND-Cratchit beats a very hasty retreat.MERRY CHRISTMAS BAH!- God Save The Queen & Leave Me Alone!!!
End act one.

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12/2/2005 7:10 pm

Can't wait for Act 2


RailBaron2 54M

12/2/2005 10:16 pm

I DON"T BELIVE IT!!!! MAG- you put up a pic!!!!!!!!! LOOKING GREAT GIRL!!!!!!! Act 2 will be tomorrow- I'm doing this from memory the last Time I did this Play was back in 1988 glad your enjoying it so far, Jim

RailBaron2 54M

12/3/2005 6:20 pm

Hi Flyaway,glad You like it & could stop by,

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