April 25 1960- towing # 9 to Laws- Last Offical run  

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April 25 1960- towing # 9 to Laws- Last Offical run

46 years ago a 4-6-0 steam locomotive # 9 & caboose combine # 401 was towed up here from Owenyo by a General Electric 51 ton diesel locomotive to Laws. Upon arrival the crew switched 2 -ten ton capacity box cars, a "A" frame Gondola, a stock car, a 20 ton capacity box car in between the old steamer & the caboose.The crew then spotted the consist on the Main line at the Depot, Picked up 4 box cars & Postal baggage car #12 & headed back to Owenyo.
What was here on that day would be given to the County 5 days later for "Safekeepingon behalf of generations to come."
12 acres of land,on which on that date stood
The Depot- Built in March 1883
2 outhouse built March 1883 A coal shed between them built in 1920 to store coal for the Depot stoves.
Station Agents house built March 1883 surrounded by a 5 board fence.a ouit house & a Garage/Chicken coop built at least by 1916 if not before.
A stock car converted to a chicken coop.
a Carson & Colorado Lamothe " Tin Box car one of 3 remaining on the face of the earth.
A railroad tie cap house- used to store blasting caps for the mines.
A sand house for storeing sand for locomotive traction & to clean the tubes.A earth ramp with a wood bulkhead built in 1940 used until 1960 to load non metalic minerals onto the narrow gauge cars.
A Section House built in 1920 for housing the track workers there was a 5 board fence surrounding this & a railroad tie garage & 6 trees.
Oil pump House built in 1910
Oil tank on tower built 1910
water tank & tower built 1883- Rebuilt 1902
tall water pump house built in 1935
Hand operated Turntable built March of 1993 ,moved 20 miles north to Hammil in 1889, brought back to Laws & rebuiklt on its original site 1903
Carson & Colorado combine cabose # 2 Robert J Laws private car.
The main line & sidings & the display train.

The rest of the track 70.4 miles of mainly 35 pound per yard rail would be pulled up & scrapped, the remaining box cars sold for $100.00-$140.00 for storage.

The Oweny Depot would be moved to Keeler & serve as the volenteer firehouse, the Keeler Depot would become a private residence & a few buildings would survive at Keeler.At Laws the sidings would be removed, The coal shed,the railroad tie cap house,the sand house,the section house & fence, The stock car chicken coop would be burned & the C&C lamothe tin box car would be destroyed. C&C caboose combine # 1 would be brought in as well as S.P combine 1010 & set on the ground, The talc mill would donate 8 box cars they were useing for storage, The Brill motor car would be donated.a Historical Society would be formed & start operating a Museum,the movie "Nevada Smith" starring Steve McQueen would be filmed here.All this in the first 10 years after the Southern Pacific donated this place to The County.46 years have now come & gone , The earth ramp has been removed,C&C #2 was sold,the water tank was pulled down & a Micky Mouse replica put up in its place,The 5 board fence around the Agents house is now 3 board, & most has been moved from its original location, The roofs on the box cars leak & the cars need paint, The oil pump house needs new siding & shingles & paint, the turn table is being rebuilt to opperate but will not be rebuilt so it can hold or turn a locomotive.The Depot dock has been redone though the supporting timbers are not Historicly accurate the outside looks correct, The depot was reshingled,but has not been painted in 46 years. The Agents House has been painted, reroofed with modern shingles, The brill car Has been restored to opperating condition, # 9 has been cosmeticly restored, The tall water pump House has benn cosmeticly restored,The house track has been put back in, the east siding is still gone.26 buildings have either benn moved in or built & more are planned to create a "Historic village" but try to get original buildings & structures rebuilt-The drawings I have done over the years are in the files & with what they have spent on these 3 buildins they just moved in I could have built exact replicas of the railroad tie cap house, the Sand House,coal shed, the ramp,a handcar shed, Restored the Oil pump house, Restored & painted the Fences & painted the Depot & outhouses.
Am I being too critical? I have to ask- Is what's being done " Safekeeping"? is it Preservation?is it Restoration? What was the intent of the Railroad that gave what was here?
what was the intent of The founders of this Society?Why was this place put on the National Registry of Historic Places? What will be left of what was originally here in the next 46 years?

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4/25/2006 12:18 pm

I sense you are getting frustrated, Jim?

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4/25/2006 3:26 pm

Getting Frustrated???? TTigerAtty I've been frustrated for Years- In more ays than one By he way Email me at my hotmail will you, I tryed to forward a email I thought you'd get a kick out of & it said Your no longer at that email.as Always Thanks for stopping by, Jim

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That's sad....I saw Nevada Simth!


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Getting Frustrated TTigerAtty????? I've been Frrustrated for years in more ways than one Mail me I got something I think you'd get a kick out of.
Mag- Drovers cottage from the movie is gone, the blacksmith shed is gone. but we do have the Sweetwater building- now our reception center & gift shop, Assay office building- now a Camera Display, & the Wells Fargo Building as Indian arrowhead & Basket & mineral display.

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Dysgysed- These people call it " Interpretation" You do not Interperate facts, but they are not interested in true History,they just want a " village" We as a nation blew it , a lot of the interurbans were pulled up in the 1950's back then there was no thought of gas & oil running out. but gas was cheap & rail travel was in decline & not making money. To give you a idea our 4-6-0 # 9
burns 5 gallons of oil & turns 50 gallons of water into steam a mile.
& maintenance on a steam locomtive is labor intensive 7 today cost prohibative. in 1960, it would have cost $12,000.00 to restore # 9,
today the cost would be between $500,000-$750,000.
Your not strange at all, I live 200' from our tracks but our train is not running, I spent 16 years in Fresno & lived 400' from the Santa Fe main line & could tell what train was comming by by the horn at the crossing.

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4/28/2006 2:31 am

friggin technology!

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4/29/2006 2:40 pm

```Hi TillerBabe-Thank you for stopping by & for being my 700th comment. now if we can just use our wonderfull technology to get rid of my allergies.

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