100 thinga about me(100-50) this round  

RailBaron2 54M
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9/10/2005 8:37 pm

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100 thinga about me(100-50) this round

100.- I smoke a pipe,Black & gold tobacco.
99.-I'm a Railroad Historian-C&C/SP ng
98-I work at a Railroad Museum
97-I've been here 5 years as a caretaker
96.- I have lived in this area for the last 9 years.
95.- I live like a Monk.
94.- I was married for 16 months- she didn't want to be married anymore, seperated for another 18 months then I divorced Her.
93.- Cannot have Kids, Wife talked me into getting vasectomy,She had a adopted son with A.D.D.
92.-been searching for "Miss Right" for 25 years
91.-First Girlfriend - engaged to be married, ran off with "best Friend"
92.- Fell head over heels for a Beautifull Brunette,She wasn't interested.
91.-spent 16 years in Frenso.
90.-attended F.C.C. -major, Carpentry
89.-was Best Actor in High School.
88.- Spent many years "in Church"
87.-Learned Long ago I was & still am a Sinnfull man.
86.-Was in several church plays- Have Played Abraham, Latter Bob Cratchit, & latter Ebeneezer Scrooge.
85.- Worked as General Labor in Construction 5 years.
84.- Worked Landscape maintenance for 9 years.
83.-Worked as Used Car Salesman 2 years.
82.moved 16 times in 16 years in Fresno.
81.-Have had to live on a peanut butter sandwich, a Pepsi & a Pack of ciggerretts a day for 8 months.Know what it is like to have nothing.
80.-Went to every RailFair in Sacramento.
79.-Started loosing my hair at age of 23.
78.- am most comfortable in jeans & a t shirt.
77.-Can't dance.
76.- told I have a good singing voice.
75.- have been known to throw off a whole chior.
74.-Will not eat Green vegetables.
73.-love my coffee with cream & suggar- lots of suggar.
72.-Drink 2 cases of Pepsi a week.
71.- Love a extra large meatlovers Pizza.
70.-Can eat 2 Wendy's Tripple Bacon cheeseburgers, With Mayo.-Biggie Fries, Biggie Frosty at 1 sitting.
69.- I love to 69 with a woman.
68.-I don't cook much- microwave it or forget it.
67.-get enough exercise at work.
66.- not into sports.
65. have studied our local Railroad for 30 years.
64.-Don't drink alcohol, except on rare occasions.
63.- Have the knowlage to run our steam locomotive, but no hands on experiance- our enginge cannot run.
62.1962 was the year I was born.
61.- have opperated our Brill motorcar on several occasions.
60. was a seat sponser for car mentioned in 61.
59.- Have laid 300' of track by myself.
58.- thats all I've laid in the last 9 years.LOL
57.- love animals,have had dogs, cats.
56.- have a dry sometimes sarcastic sense of humor.
55.- Have a long fuse but a Vesuvius Explosive temper.
54. Have not Struck another person when angry in 42 years.
53.Did break a 4"X4" post once when angry.
52.Have only been that angry 7 times in 42 years.
51.Have litte tollerance for the habitully late.
50.Have even less tollerance for those with a "Who's going to know or care" attitude toward a job to be done,especially if the information to do a job right is at your fingertips.

darcon71 45M

9/12/2005 3:40 pm

was it a treated 4x4? how old, i mean i think i am strong and i work with lumber a lot, i doubt one of the next 100 men i see could break a 4x4, thats pretty fuckin' angry.

RailBaron2 54M

9/12/2005 4:05 pm

You'd be suprised what you can do when adrenilin Kicks in, Yes I was
EXTREMLY angry, & instead of hitting the person I was angry at
I hit the porch post-Doug fir painted . it craked & bent out a good 2" ,I had to jack up the beam & replace the post.amazingly, i didn't hurt my hand. Thats why I keep a
Very tight rien on my temper. If I Had hit the jerk I was mad at I probably would have killed him with that punch.

darcon71 45M

9/12/2005 5:42 pm

i rarely punch shit in anger, but i rememebr most of the nights i did, i kick shit too. i have destroyed telephones a la GNR videos, i have booted fans recently and dented fridges, the last time just for show two weeks after i hit it for real when i lost it. my hand still aint right on that knuckle it rests higher than the others and i cant wait to see it when i am old, most of my scars are on the left side but that one is on the right. I am almost glad i sprained my thumb yesterday on that hand becasue when i pick up a 4x8 sheet of MDF that joints still nags me.

i wonder, if in those years you have been looking for her, if you found her what would have happened? i mean i have found and for one reason or another lost her or worse yet lost the feeling for her, does this mean maybe i still have only been practicing and havent found her yet?

the only good answers are questions.

btw...thanks for the wit you put down in those other blogs, i needed the laughs.

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