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9/6/2006 4:50 pm

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Can someone, please, tell me where all the normal women are? Or, if there even are any left?

Every woman I have recently met has been just plain weird! With the exception of 2 (maybe 3, don't know her too well), they have all been looking for sugar daddies (Barking up the WRONG tree here!) or daddies for their babies (um . . . no.).

What do I consider normal?
Has her head on right. No drama (enough with the snickering!LO No Bull Shit, no hang ups.

Has a good sense of humor (not THINKS she has a good one). And gets my sense of humor without (WITHOUT) me having to explain it.

One that accepts me for as I am, not for how she wants me to be. And likes it that way.

A woman of compassion. And passion.

A woman that understands that just cuz I take a second to take a breath does not mean that I am bored with her! (Jesus Christ, what a night that was! I refused to apologize for something so stupid like I NEED TO BREATHE!) HELTER SKELTER!!

A woman that has NOTHING to prove. To ANYONE (including me). Has no problem being her own person.

A woman that knows how to have fun. She doesn't NEED alcohol, drugs, or an audience.

One who appreciates the little things.

A woman that can appreciate my creativity.

A woman NOT threatened by my relatives, her relatives, her kids, the woman driving next to us, the woman on the commercial, the waitress at the restaurant SHE picked out, etc . . . .
Yeah. I've had a run of retarded lately.
Don't get me wrong. I have met some really nice/cool women in the past few months/year.
And have recently met a real dream girl. Now I just need to get to where I'm comfortable to ask her out (I don't usually ask out complete strangers. Like to know a little about them first.), then I'll be fine. Ahh. . . enough of that. They're out there. Just can't seem to find them.

Been working A LOT of hours at work. Just worked 14 days straight. That sucks. Have this Saturday off. Then the following week is more 7 day weeks. Ugh! A never ending cycle.

Anyone ever want to chat, or anything, feel free to get with me.

teaser2009 34F

9/6/2006 8:57 pm

I'm considering copying and pasting this in my blog because I couldn't have said it better myself. I'd like to add "Someone I find attractive, may not be attractive to everyone, but in my eyes, the most beautiful person"

I tell one of my friends that there are 7 normal people on the web, i'm one, he's one, and the other 5, well, that's up for grabs still.

Dream girl eh? Why is everyone suddenly so shy??? Just ask the girl out, you'll get to know her there!!! Unless it's me, then the answer is yes already, stop begging sweets

and you can't find them maybe because you're not looking for at the right ones...look outside what you normally think of and maybe you'll find the one..or just stop looking and enjoy life. because really, love is something that's a bonus to life, enjoying the moment and living for yourself is what's important.

Ok enough of my inspirational talk..Go get'm tiger! stick it in her butt!! (that's what the guys say, right? i dunno)


Ragnarthesexgod 47M

9/7/2006 3:03 am

It's not like I'm actively looking. Just things I notice. I also need to get out more.

I'm also being much more picky in choosing women nowadays. Certain things/characteristics I will not put up with.

On the plus side, I have been in an exceptionally good mood lately. That doesn't happen often anymore. Maybe I won't need the Zoloft. Which is where I want to be now. So, there is a positive right there!

teaser2009 34F

9/8/2006 9:46 am

You say you aren't "actively looking" but I think unless someone is in a serious committed relationship, they're looking. Getting out..hmmm..yeah that's a problem a lot of us have, but how fun is it to go out alone or with friends who all have significant others (my personal problem at the moment).

Being picky is a good thing, but being overly choosy means you might miss out on someone. In the flaws is where the beauty and love lives.

Maybe the Zoloft is helping with the good mood?

Oohh and are there women who get jealous about men just casually looking at other women? I thought that's what people do, look around. Getting their number and trying to do them is a different thing, but noticing "oh she's pretty" or "She has a nice rack" isn't that big of a deal to most women, I wouldn't think. Again, could be one of my oddities where I'll point that out, I don't know.

Anywho, good to hear you're happy for a bit that makes life a bit easier and less hectic....

Until later grasshoppa,

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