Bi male tops Gay male  

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8/13/2005 7:14 pm

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Bi male tops Gay male

You do get around!! You will have to tell me about these exploits!
Name Withheld

(My response)
Do you only want the tales of my MM exploits or would you like to hear about the MFs and MFM's also. .I'll start with a MM. This is confidential, between us OK? I was contacted thru the AdultFriendFinder site 2 weeks ago by a guy from ------. It is located on a small peninsula next to ------- across the bay from San Francisco. He wanted to get butt fucked. We decided on the date and time, I downloaded a map and on the day we were to meet, I set out from Dixon where I was working that day. It took nearly 1 1/2 hours to make the drive. He mixed a cocktail for me right away. Asked if I had ever been with a guy before? I said I had. He asked my a few other things until I asked him "is this an interview? Are you undecided about me?" He said I had passed the test when I came through the door. So I told him to unzip my jeans.
No...No... Don't touch it. Lick on it thru my underwear and take off your clothes. When he was naked he asked me if I kissed. I said, get me excited and I'll do a lot of things. I put my arm around him and pulled his chest to my mouth and began chewing lightly on his nipples. I asked if we were going to fuck here on the sofa...
He said no, let’s go upstairs. I'll follow you, I said. The view from the upstairs bedroom was awesome. The lights of the cities reflected on the water of the SF bay. I dropped my pants and underwear. Somewhere I had already removed my shirt. I rolled to the center of the bed, pulled him over next to me and put him on his back. I moved myself between his legs, lifted his feet and pushed them over his head until his knees were resting on his chest. I looked down and there I saw my prize, slightly hairy, slightly puckered. I leaned down and passed my tongue against it. Ah, the light aroma of Irish Spring. Perfect! I licked him from tailbone to balls, over and over. When he quit squirming I stopped my mouth right over his ass hole and started trying to push my tongue into it. I could hardly break the surface. I moved off of him and lay on my stomach. The bed felt great, soft and firm. He raised my arm and began licking my arm pit. He moved his tongue slowly down my spine over my tailbone until he found my own hairy ass hole. He licked that fucker for a long time. Kept saying it was the most edible ass he had ever been with. There was no fan in this room and I was beginning to overheat. I suggested he open the window, instead we went to a different bedroom, two floors below. He flipped on the ceiling fan and light. One of the walls, opposite the window was mostly mirrored. I came up on him, put my arms around him from the rear, bent him over and reached for the lube and a condom. I asked for his hand and placed some lube in it. I told him to rub some on my cock and the rest on his ass hole. When I was lubed, I placed the condom over the head of my cock and unrolled it over the shaft (condoms are less intrusive when lubricant is applied prior to the condom). I took my cock in my hand and began rubbing the head over his hole. A few passes and my cock was rock hard and ready. I guided the tip to his asshole and gently pushed. It didn't want to go in. I took my index finger and worked it into his ass. I pulled it almost out and added another finger to it and worked them inside him. I laid my cock against the palm of my hand, its head was resting at the entrance. I began to remove my fingers. Just as they are about to exit I push and they are replaced with my cock. The head is in him and I feel him tense a little. It's OK, I said. We'll take it as easy as is necessary. He reached around behind him, grabbed my ass and pulled me, in one throw, all the way in him. He gasped and I feel the air leave his body and his ass hole was flickering from the suddenness of the penetration. I pulled us around sideways so I could see the profile of us in the mirror.

I am always pondering different/varied positions to fuck in. I mentioned one to him that I had tried before with very little success. I needed a guy with a little ass to make it work. Not so easy to acquire. But now I have one. I placed him on his right side facing away from me. I then turned myself so my feet were at his head and my head was at his feet. I move against him, my front against his back. In this position, when I slipped my cock into him, it was upside down from what it would normally have been. The angle of penetration must have been having a positive effect, he lifted his head, looked back at me over his left shoulder, his eyes were slightly rolled upward in his head. He stared into my eyes and just said Wow. We fucked awhile in this position and my juices were beginning to boil.

Once again I placed him on his stomach and entered him. I starting moving in and out and the view of us in the mirror was all I needed. I began fucking him hard. His body was moving forward, sliding on the slick sheet every time my pelvis slammed into his butt until finally he was holding his hands out against the floor, the upper half of his body was off of the bed altogether and my balls began to tingle as they were slamming ag aaint his ass and I knew the time was getting near. He said he wanted it in his mouth so I pulled out, grabbed his arm, and twisted him around as I lifted him into a seated position. I quickly pulled off the condom, and began masturbating as I moved my cock closer and closer to his lips. Just as I felt the sperm in me break and enter my shaft I shoved it into his hungry month. Be easy with the head I told him, it is sensitive when I am cuming. He pushed forward and I felt each wave of orgasm leave me as he struggled to swallow it, which he did very well. When I was finished I put my hand on the back of his neck and pulled his lips to mine, finally giving him the kiss that he had longed for. Then the wave of passion left me and my desire to kiss went with it.

He had told me earlier that he couldn’t cum when he was being fucked so I laid my head on the pillow and told him to beat off for me. I want you to spray your chest with cum. It didn’t take but a moment for the heavy breathing to start and he gushed three good sized loads through the air. The first and farthest wads landed across his face. The second and third, hit his neck and hairy chest. I reached over and spread it across his chest. Rubbing it into his skin some little sperm wads were mixing in with his light beard. I reached over, grabbed a hand towel and lay on his chest, reached over and milked the last few drops out of him. They emerged and sat at the tip of his cock. I then milked the last remaining drops from my own. Took my finger and removed them from my cock. I wiped them off on the hairy skin between his balls and his ass hole. I kissed him once more, just lightly, and jumped into the shower…

zapfuntimes51 64M
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8/31/2005 10:37 pm

hot story! very hot! gee I wanted to join in! but having been with RUupToit.. I know how great it must have been..!!!they guy is awsome!

CaNaughtyHalf 55M/56F

9/11/2005 2:04 am

I have to say I really enjoyed reading your story. Thank you I look forward to reading more. maybe we can exchange storys,. I too have some that will make your dick stand at attention.
Thanks again Sandy

rm_BadNuff 55M

10/28/2005 12:34 pm

I enjoyed the story, it made me rock hard!

rm_urchulo2 47M

11/2/2005 9:31 am

I am aching for my first mm experience and this story is going to make me jack off. Want another guy to rub me the right way and more

Terrynce 39M

11/5/2005 9:20 am

WOW..........That was an excellent story, loved the details and the descriptions made me visualize everything you mentioned. But instead I put myself in that dudes position and wish you boned me like that. I would enjoy every encounter but one thing I enjoy is liking it nice and raw deep and hard........that too me is awesome.....since my ass is very tight I wouldn't mind if you busted a cream pie in my ass as well.................

rm_jarrovian2 69M
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11/24/2005 1:52 am


fallenangell170 54F

11/30/2005 6:30 pm

1 Word....awesome

needmore4fun2 39M
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12/9/2005 7:55 am

Another first cock...I thought since this one was so good I would share one of mine...hope that is okay...
I was away on business and around a lot of strangers in a city where no one knew usual, being away from home and on the road always makes my cock hard. There is always a local bar where some woman is available if I pursue it hard enough...and this usually ends with me fucking her brains out with my better than average cock..however...this time I found myself completely alone in my room...I had searched the bar, then found myself on line looking for something more...eventually coming to a sight much like AdultFriendFinder, but more localized to the city I was in...I found myself still denying my need for cock...guily, society, whatever you want to call it...eventually I began looking at photos of Transvestites...perhaps I somehow justified that this is the "next step" and more acceptable than straight cock...who knows...keep in mind until now I had NEVER even touched a cock before...yet..there I was in my up of these sexy people with big in the chair, curtains drawn, drinking a bit...I was stroking my cock...fantasizing again...looking down I realized that rarely do I get this pulsing head was completely blown up, the large slit dripping clear juices, the shaft steel hard, like the kind of hard that only comes when one is completely turned on...beside me was some I stroked I played with my ass a bit...once again tryin to fantasize about what it might feel like...yet realizing that if I come...I may lose this "feeling" called her...

I had selected a tall black TV with a 9 inch cock...she/he answered...immediately asking me if I wanted to suck her big cock...and if she could suck mine...of course, it took only seconds for me to beg her to come to my room...she told me to give her 45 minutes or to the shower...trying to keep my hand off my cock...trying to stop shaking...shaving my balls, cleaning my ass well...then got dressed, and waited...waited...with drink in hand...then the knock on the door...I am now fully least 6'4 in her/his heels....I very nervously opened the door...we exchanged hellos...I commented her on how sexy she looked...and could not help but see the long bulge of her cock outlined in her tight spandex...slutty...cock..girl...I was in a spin...too far gone to turn back...before I knew it she was unzipping my pants and wrapping her hands around my cock...then began to suck...I pushed her away...something took over me...she sat back on the bed, her long, black cock just waving out there...this combined with her large, fake tits...having never sucked a cock before something just took over me, the passion, whatever...and before I knew it she had placed a condom over her meat and I was sucking i had been a cockwhore all my life...she had her hands on both sides of my head and was loving the pleasures I was providing...then began shoving her cock down my throat...not only had I never sucked a real cock before...deep throating nine hard inches...I, I took nearly all of it down my throat, gagging, slobbering sucking that cock as if it's release depended on only minutes I felt her really begin to pulse in my mouth...breathing cock I could not even I orally pleased this was so hard I coudl feel it now and then hit my stomach, touch the floor...I was as fully erect as I had ever been in my life...then she grabbed my head again...gagging me...shoving her cock down my throat...I felt like such a whore...even though I was gagging...gasping for breath I continued to allow that black cock to stretch my throat...all cares were gone...I continued as best I could without passing out to take she shook I felt her come fill the tip of the condom....this all happening in less than 10 minutes....

Next, she laid me back on the bed...and started sucking me after rolling a condom on me...but, I still desired cock...and rolled over and asked her fuck my ass...she immediately put some lube on my tight, virgin ass...I eased back on her finger...thinking how tight her finger felt...then I felt her cock at the way was I going to take was way to big for my first time...yet I wanted it so bad...trying to concentrate and allow my ass to she pushed from the back, I arched my a true cock whore...turning my ass up to him all access...then I felt that huge cock slip past the ring of my ass...I nearly jumped from the pain...yet felt good...she/he only got in about 3 was too painfull...feeling sorry for me she turned me around and squatted on my big cock...slipping me into her ass as his own cock bounced on my belly...once again...I wanted to suck, she moved and sat beside my head while I laid on my back...I sucked that cock again like before, only this time her hands were around mine...condom gone...lubed and pulsing...I felt the come boiling in my balls...tried to warn her...but didn't want to take that cock out of my mouth...I blasted the first long, hot jet of pure hot man juice right on her breasts, a huge blast, several more followed all over her and me...while I continued to suck her cock hard...then I saw my own come on her breasts...without even thinking about it I cleaned her off...and in minutes stroked my own cock...and came aagain...

NandoBoston2004 51M
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12/29/2005 2:32 pm

hi folks, my experience is bi married males, and bi/str8 couples having me to top them. Fine bi me. anyone else?

rm_ssssunshine 62F
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5/28/2006 2:30 pm

I work...awesome

RocketMan0494 58M/60F
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6/21/2006 8:10 pm

Great stories!! I'm hard and pulsing right now!!

I went to an adult bookstore once and caught the eyes of (what turned out to be a ts) this woman with some serious curves... As I walked around looking at the vids and mags, I kept an eye on her... She got up and walked out to her car, so I followed her. As I walked toward her I said hi and she asked what's up and I told her "almost eight inches" and she squealed and asked if she could see it! I said sure and we got in her car and she moved it around the corner and then proceeded to deep throat me until i came several strong shots!

I only saw her once more, briefly, tho I'd love to see her again!

TheOracle2006 105F

8/6/2006 6:24 pm

My sunday afternoon is spent fantasizing about you and what you can do with your cock... I would love to see you take on a man and maybe me strap one on and take on a man. I am trying to do the math about how many people it would take to plug all the holes but it is a like a hydra... cut off one head and two more appear! I can smell you from here! - The Oracle

Hi again

Davros11 60M

8/28/2006 1:52 am

very hot stories. gave me a hard on right away. a fuckin hot stud.

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9/25/2007 1:18 pm

Damn Baby got me all hot and bothered and fantasizing and daydreaming wished i could have watched!! Made me very very wet and my clit is throbbing BIG TIME!!!

rm_skip026734 70M
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11/12/2007 9:14 am should all write for porn magazines!...a real turn on!


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1/13/2013 4:21 am

hot story

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