Raffy Meets The Girls...  

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7/24/2005 5:59 am

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Raffy Meets The Girls...

Well, nothing too exciting happened this weekend. Especially compared to earlier in the week. I went to the bar with my friend Jeff and his friend Jay and Jay's girlfriend. Jeff and Jay got tanked, and I wound up having to drive Jeff home. We fooled around a little bit but he was way drunk, and we all know how that goes. I fell alseep around 0400ish and his alarm went off at 0530. That was painful. I think the only thing that made it worth it was seeing him passed out NAKED in his nieghbors backyard when I got ready to leave. That was pretty hysterical. Man, I really need one of them there new fangled camera phones. Other than that, I just went to work. I pulled a double Friday and worked four about 4 hours yesterday before heading out to OC with CopJoe. CopJoe sucks, because I told him point blank, I was tired of the club scene, and I had all ready been boardwalking three times this week. I was in a bad mood because Traffic sucked getting on the island. He's like, "do you want to go to a club or walk on the boardwalk?" I was like "fuck you, I'm going home." So I went. N called me on the drive, and he came over and we fooled around a little bit, but it just didn't feel right. I guess because he hasn't broken up with his girlfreind yet. And because I'm not really that attracted to him anymore. I think it's because he always calls me "girl". That annoys me.
In other non-dating related news, I adopted another cat. His name is Raffy (after Raffy Palmerio, from the Os) and he is THE SHIT. He's 8 weeks old, and loves to play. Of course, Spaz hates him, She's a diva like that. Twinkie is pretty cool with him, but she's cool with just about anything as long as you feed her.
CollegeJoe and I got into this big argument about "Us" last night. I dont know, we both come from fucked up families and have issues, so for all practical purposes, we should probably avoid romantic entanglements with each other. But there's something about him that keeps me coming back. Maybe I like drama. Oh well... At any rate... Life's gotta go on.

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