Dose size really matter? or ... No, not you! ... YOU!  

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6/20/2005 7:47 pm

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Dose size really matter? or ... No, not you! ... YOU!

Ok, the question has plagued the human race for age's, and although many answers have been given, in response to the question, none have satisfied the human ego.

We, as a race, seem to be bred into a perpetual fascination with the size of and protrusions of our bodies, and we all have our own opinion.

Lest you believe that I am merely trying to assuage my own ego as to the miniscule size of my own member, rest assured, I learned how to lick the Alphabet a long time ago, and be happy with what I have. lol.

I am interested in everyone's opinion on a broad base of interests on the topic of the issue of size here. Not just do women really like a bigger penis, that would be lame.

We will ask that question here, but we also want to know, do men/women of any sexual orientation, really prefer, big ... but's, breast's, smaller waists, shorter men/women, taller men/women, vagina's and yes penis's too?

Open up, be kind, be cruel, be kinky, be outraged, but please give your honest opinion on the issue of size in all of the fallowing categories.

Dose size really matter to you, when it comes to the issue of attraction, where the following area/s of the human body are concerned?:

3)legs (length/shape)
7)Genitals (male/female)

Please be specific, please determine weather you prefer larger or smaller (be as detailed as you like), be honest, and if there is something you feel I have missed in an area of your own personal interest when it concerns size, please do not hesitate to share.

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LeEnchantress 55F

6/20/2005 9:01 pm

Okay.. i will do the male assessment then
1) Well.. i do like tall guys 5"10 & over... but if the guy's got a good build.. that is ripped or has nice muscles i'm fine with him being shorter too
2) well.. he's got to be weight/height proportionate.. I 'm not going to freak out about a few extra pounds.. but if he's really overweight. then yeah.. i'm not attracted for the most part
3) i like a guy with nice muscular legs... nicely defined thighs and calfs.. Hell. it's sexy.. there's nothign worse than a guy who's got a decent body but skinny ass chicken legs!! lol
4) ah.. the arms... i'm definitely an arm lover... who can't not love a guy with nice forearms... i HATE skinny forearms.. nicely defined biceps, and nice deltoids? I'm not saying huge.. cuz i've seen huge and it sort of turns me off.. but someone who you know has done SOMETHING physical in his life and his arms show it.
5) Pectorals.. I like when the guys has some nice pec muscles but it's not essential... I have seen guys who i thought had beautiful bodies and their pecs weren't very big... i think it's the overall chest... However. i really don't want a pigeon chested guy
6) Okay.. another think i crave is a nice butt on a guy... I am thinking i like a smaller butt on a guy than larger.. and definitely a butt that is firm.
I think guys with nice butts are such a turn on.
7) Genitals... wow... what a loaded question.. First off.. i must say that i just love the feel of a penis.. no i'm not talking about how hard they get but just the skin that covers a penis is so silky and sensuous to touch.. I just love it... Okay.. i have a bit of a penis obsession.. i admit it... I just think they are wonderful. Now.. honestly.. i like a nice straight dick.. personally i don't like the ones that curve, one that's not too skinny... average length is cool... a little over average is alright too.. 8 inches is probably way too big for me....i dont' know.. i also like them if they are a bit on the thick side.. not too far over average on width.. but just enuf that it's a bit of a struggle to get inside you... whew~!~ Okay. now i have to go pleasure myself after this paragraph...
Oh.. btw .. if anyone know a good website where i can see penises.. please let me know.. All the ones i pull up are for gays sites or you have to pay for. Neither is really my cup of tea...
Thanks.. good post btw

hotandhorny107 58F

6/20/2005 10:53 pm

Okay here is an honest open answer to the questions you posed Note that they are all preferences but not written in stone. Other things play into physical attraction as well as an emotional response.
1)Height I like my men at an average of 6 foot or so. I am on the tall side and if I wear heels I feel awkward if I am with someone near my height. I also like the feeling that I am safer with a taller man that the shorter one. Guess that is some type of genetic thing...One that will probably stay there.
2)Weight this is a very touchy issue, since as a woman, I am often self concious of my own weight. However,I find large bellies unattractive and a definate turn off. If, while standing up you can't see your feet or part of them you are too heavy for me.
3)legs, nicely shaped and long again is a preference, but I never really paid much attention to men's legs,unless I am at the beach. Then I look and laugh.... seriously I like definition, In the same vein, I like muscular arms as well again going back to years of conditioning. Big and strong, protective
5)Bust If a man has one, it better not be bigger than mine. I like a nice flat playing field personally
6)Butt Now here is what counts. Not too flat, not too round, something that I would like to just grab and squeeze is ideal. 7)Genitals (male) nothing I like better that a long thick cock. I have been with men that are very well endowed as well as average. I have found that I prefer a very long thick penis that can fill me up. However, I don't make it a rule. Penises come in all sizes and widths. It does not matter that much to me as long as I am satisfied in the end. I do prefer a straight one, but have experienced the not so straight ones too.

So generally speaking I like a man that is somewhat muscular but not muscle bound,well proportioned has a nice ass and a long thick penis. Now that I realize how shallow I really am I will go back to my cave and let my man go kill dinner while I start the fire and gather the berries... )

RUReadingMeWrite 46M
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6/21/2005 12:52 pm

Thank you LeEnchantress, hotandhorny, and luvableluvbunny for you're comments and your honesty. They were all much appreciated, and thank you for making a new blogger feel welcom here.

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6/21/2005 11:12 pm

Thank you sexyfitwoman, your honest comments are much appreciated, and I nod my head to the number one bloger on this site, thank you for stoping by.

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6/26/2005 6:06 pm

Ok, I think I must write also my opinion:

1)Height: Prefer a little smaller than me or at least, I was dating once a woman being taller than me for a whole head (uncomfortable )
2)Weight Is actually something it really doesn't bother me, because it is my last standards, but always a nice body is welcome (what someone calls a nice body, depends by him and his standards).
3)legs The only preference I have is them to not be skinny and bonny, but it actually doesn't bother me most (When I lick and massage them I need some meat to bit also ).
4)arms Nothing to say.
5)breasts, hmmmm, I prefer bigger ones, to tease them but that isn't something that really bothers me. But I agree, a little shape would be nice, and I know what you mean with the different view of dressed and the naked ones. See what the Bras can do?
6)Butt, again something that doesn't really bothers me. As you said, on that time, I will slap it anyway, and also F*** it anyway. If it is a little bigger, then I know I can hold my hands from her butt.
7)Genitals (male/female) Average, I do not like hairy genitalia! (Agree with She at this). Only exception : Well some hairy artists made don't bother me, but surely cared ones is always a good thing, because of thousands reasons.

What? We finished? grrrr I started to enjoy it

Just Me --- EAGLE KK 2005

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7/15/2005 11:03 am

Hmmm ... those eyes look familiar Eagle ... lol. Going for a little Vanilla?

RU ... enjoying your time away?

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