Quivering in pleasure  

RSensual30 42M
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4/2/2006 5:25 pm
Quivering in pleasure

I sit here imaging you next to me. The sound of your laughs, feel of your soft skin, and the passion in your eyes capture me. I place your feet in my lap as I begin massaging and kisisng them. Slowly working my way up your legs then continuing up your tummy with the tip of my tongue. Your shirt being removed as I begin outling your perky breasts. Swirling around them till I feel your erect nipples brush against my tongue. Taking my time to tease, taste, and caress every inch of your body I reveal!! I kneel to the floor - the wetness and warmth of my tongue now gliding along your inner thighs. Taking the time to outline your panties, as you crave the feel of my tongue atop your sensitive clit. The thought of tasting you drives me to remove the last item - now outling your moist lips!! This is all I truly seek to enjoy with you - care to play?

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