An introduction: The first post  

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8/31/2006 5:16 am

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An introduction: The first post

Ever get frustrated with those constant demands for an Order Form every time you'd like to even see if a person's compatible (according to thier profiles, at least?)
Yeah? Me too!
So this blog thing seems like a good idea.

I'm living in Juneau now, working in Auke Bay, a student here at the U of A. Got here last January and have met many interesting people. Lived in an apartment set up for dungeon activities by a former tenant (tied the skies to the living room ceiling my ass!), but it feels as if I'm missing the wildness a college town should have.

I understand it's still a small town, but I've lived in small towns and everyone tells you who to stay away from. They point out the best partiers, the weirdest, darkest folk in thier universe. These individuals are usually good for diversion of some sort. Some are limited, but many are open to new experience.

I really shouldn't complain, just because the majority of folks who think of "getting adventurous" are really saying "leave the lights on this time", or "go get a drink from the kitchen naked". Maybe I'm just tired of the constant hundreds and thousands of internet personalities who stay that way. Maybe I'm so primitive, I need that visceral sense of connection that comes when I stroke my fingers across unvirtual skin and elicit a shivver, a sigh or a tautening. There's smell involved, the musk of emotion, of the day's travels, of sweat and diet and exertion. Also proprioception: I don't get that sense of presence, of "there-ness" with a close-up of breasts or a shot of an erect phallus, not even the posturing for a headshot.

I'm a BDSM afficianado, the leather and straps, the rope-bound subs, the funky furniture and posturing Doms, they're all so much fun.

---Tangent Alert---

I'm making my own set of pony-boots for a Halloween costume. Thanks Swampy Acres, for selling rubber Hoof booties. I'll be a Satyr - it's symbolic enough. Horny, hung, hairy and forever chasing almost unattainable Nymphs. It even symbolises my "live in the moment" philosophy of life. Not irresponsible, just unconcerned for the future.
Besides, then I'll add pony-boots to my collection of toys for when I attend Thunder in the Mountains next summer.

Google "Thunder in the Mountains" to understand why this particular kinkster will run to it with thirst after a (probably) looooooooong dry spell.

This year's wasn't too shabby, next year is the 10th Aniversary. Whooo Yeah.
A Satyr-day certainly.

--------End of Tangent-------

I just want to make some kinky friends and play with paint and plastic wrap every once in awhile. Is that too much to ask for?
Autoerotica gets old so Damn fast.

This is Barmy Bob signing off
(Obviously a pseudonym - but my friend all know the pic's not. None of them.)

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