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3/24/2006 3:24 pm

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Ladies, (or guys if you want)
During 'normal' sex with your partner, how long do you normally take to get off; foreplay not included.

I'm looking to extend both mine and my wifes stamina (she's a quick cummer) for those nights when we want to go all night! Most of the time I can last long enough for her, but if I take too long she gets too sensitive and needs a break, so I'm "trained" to cum in 15 or so min of sex.... if I last too much longer I dont finish in her, and have to settle for a hand-job finish.

Any feedback for adding time for either of us would be cool; she tries to hold it and waits for me but it rarely works.
Under 10min
90min - 2hrs
I rarely cum during intercourse
I never cum during intercourse

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