A night of pamering  

RICpl4NewThings 44M/43F
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9/18/2005 11:52 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

A night of pamering

Heres something funny, we have a friend who was complaing that all she does now is work. She says she works 60+ a week, so we thought we would ivite her over and make her fav. dinner and just give her a relaxing night so she could unwind. But she keeps giving us stupid reasons for not coming over. She has always been like this, only actually goes out when its in her best interest. I dont know what more I can do for her. Shes a great person but not a great friend when it comes getting together. It just drives me crazy sometimes because she is always telling us she misses us and wants to get together. Ohh well I dont know why I care, her loss.

frskikittn 46F

9/20/2005 12:55 am

I know I need some pampering.....Pick me Pick me lol....that sucks all I do is work and sleep trying to catch up on bills.....hope all is well...

RICpl4NewThings 44M/43F

9/20/2005 7:53 pm

I know that feeling Ive been there before, you just cant see the light at the end of the tunnel. Cheer up though itll get better.

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