Sexual tension anyone?  

RHFactor43somes 42M/43F
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6/14/2006 6:22 pm
Sexual tension anyone?

There are some SEXY people on here! I get wet just viewing some of these profiles. The best ones are where the chic is HOT or the guy is SMOKIN' and they sound like they are reasonably intelligent. They are the ones which I can't resist. But at the same time, some of the others may be beautiful yet there profile reads as though a first grader may have helped them write it. Then there are the profiles that you read and you still don't know what they are looking for. A girl looking for couples but only talks about all her wishes and dreams for the perfect man. Or the couple that says they are looking for other couples, yet only to have girl play only. I don't get it. We are all here for one reason. We're horny and we want sex! HOT, FREAKY, UNFORGETTABLE FUCKING!!

Once you get through all the people and think you're ready to hook up, finding someone who actually follows through is a drama on its own. We are a very sexy, sexually adventureous couple. It shouldn't be hard to find someone we are both attracted to thats into both of us. At least that is what I thought. So many fakes on here, it's difficult to tell who is real. If you know anyone who is sexy and might want to actually come out to play sometime, drop us a line. Thanks H

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