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7/6/2006 9:18 am

Here at work pretty bored. It's kinda slow and I would rather be at home having sex but hey who wouldn't. Prolly not gonna get any, but that's life. I've been thinking about going on a diet to lose a few pounds. But it got me thinking, the first 3 words in the word diet are DIE and I don't want to DIE right now so I'll prolly wait. Yeah dumb I know but it made me laugh. I've been posting lately trying to get some action going but we'll see where that takes me. It's prolly gonna be another couple of months before I get my Gold Membership back. I'm thinking about paying fot a year cause you get three months of Gold for free. So that would be 15 months. I think that would increase my chances of meeting someone dramatically. Another thing, for those of you who stop by and read what is going on add a comment. It takes a a few minutes out of your day.

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