Pay Day  

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4/13/2006 1:46 pm
Pay Day

Hey there one more day in the books. Nothing really happend today. I moved trucks and well I'm here at work need I say more. The only thing that happend is I got a response from a hot woman from McAllen. I'm hoping that we get to meet and have a steamy night of some hardcore action. Not really too happy about working this weekend but I can't do anything about that so I guess. My lunch was very dull I went to McDonald's. I'm hoping that I get some tonight but not really expecting to. I sometimes fantazise about my co workers (the female ones for those of you who must know, I'm not gay). My boss is alot older then me but has an amazing ass that I just want to spank. Another of of my co workers has had a breast job and I just want to suck on them like there's no tomorrow. She's been flirty but that won't be taken any further. Well I guess that's it. Until tomorrow......

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