How to become a pimp-daddy in 3 easy steps!  

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6/24/2005 9:33 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

How to become a pimp-daddy in 3 easy steps!

Well - this is the first posting, so I thought I'd start with something complex and a little funny.

Do all men have a little pimp in them just dying to come out? Do the clean-cut, professional men in our culture have their inner-pimp so constrained by political correctness, ethical behavior, and socio-corporate rules that they struggle with their sexuality?

Case Scenario: The anal-retentive accountant.

There was this guy I knew (let's call him JM)several years ago who worked for what was then a Big 6 accounting firm. He was happily married - a bright guy - with a new born baby. He went to the right school, worked hard on his grades, and married the right girl that he met in college. He had had some sexual adventures in high school and in college, but that ended when he met his wife in his sophomore year of college.

JM was not a bad looking guy. We was funny and polite and treated the ladies nice. Some of the single gals in the office thought he was nice, and at some company happy-hours they teased him with obvious sexual invitations. JM wanted these girls could see it in his eyes mixed in with the glare created only by could here it in his voice when he joked around with the guys the next morning and commented on so-and-so's nice ass or tits. But JM never acted on his desires because to do so would be morally and ethically wrong -- not to mention it could get him fired or divorced, right?

Several years past and JM has moved on to a bigger and better career. He has 2 kids and a beautiful wife, but he is now middle aged and middle management. He's still a handsome guy, but he is down-trodden by the daily routine at the office and the home. But JM's pimp is still there...when he looks at a young female co-workers tight ass or big boobs or smiling inviting mouth. JM has had a few extra-marital sexual experiences while traveling on the road...mostly high-priced escorts...but JM wanted more...more than his wife could give him. He talked to her about swinging, but she was a good Christian gal - her momma would never approve of such behavior! So what is JM to do to release the pimp inside?

Last I heard, JM made friends with some local strippers and escorts over the years..some from entertaining business clients...some from personal and discrete fun times. I heard he had a party and that he ended up playing match-maker to different people's sexual needs / desires. So now when people want to hookup with other people, they call JM! He keeps it sly and discrete, but he is a big pimp now and has email and address books filled with peoples names, numbers, and sexual appetites. He makes no money from his service, but instead gets favors and sex in return!

Questions for Group Discussion:
Is JM a pimp? What else should JM do to release his pent-up pimpness?

I look forward to your responses and comments!



6/25/2005 2:04 pm

lol.... good story i enjoyed readin it and jm is not a pimp or a fighter ...he is jus a lover ... thats what he is ....


redhotgirl22 38F

7/3/2005 3:13 am

that is such a hot story Pimp, ...we should become friends !.. kisses big drD

rm_Used_2_Be 57M

7/20/2005 10:31 am

Dr D...great blog...wish I had that kind of creativity....JM is not a pimp...mearly a middleman...reaping the benefits

mrsmonroe00 35F
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8/5/2005 2:32 pm

Wonderful story,
In my opinion being a good christian gal would require JM's wife to satisfy Mr. JM's desires. Along with the promised dinners to be made hot and ready when you return from work, the laundry to be washed folded-iron-or hung, the house tidy and neat...the average woman falls in love with the idea of a nice faithful husband, a big secure house, and 2.5 kids to keep busy with. However,those of us who are not caught up in "looking the part" often keep our men "feeling the part". As soon as my husband returns from home...he showers and i will fuck him any way he'd like (on different days-he likes it different ways) then I suck his dick at least (subject to more of course) once a day...along with the cooking, cleaning..yada, yada, yada- the difference is my husband is too occupied with whats waiting at home, and if there ever came a time he wasn't- I'd probably know it before he

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