QuteNappyBBW 41F
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2/24/2006 9:17 am

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3/6/2006 2:37 pm


Ok, I have been on here for a few days right. And so far, I have met some really nice men, in person and on the phone.... But I am not understanding why there is a need for a front as to what you are really looking for on here. The three men that I have met in person profiles states that they are looking for a fuck buddy, play thang, or some shyt like that. But then once you get to talking to them, their stories changed to, "I want a woman to come home to every night. I want a woman to call my own. I want a SOULMATE." Me being the person that I am , I had to let it be known that I was confused... And that why come on a site that seems to be STRICTLY for sex to find that SOULMATE you are searching for. Once I asked the question, all I got was a long deep silence and then that, "Bitch why you asking me this dumb ass question" look.

Me, I am not looking for a man. I am looking for some nice sex to keep me satisfied for the moment. I am looking for sonmeone to help me get back into the swing of things SEXUALLY. I am looking for a man that can be my friend and be able to FUCK and EAT me til I can't take anymore. He must be able to be PATIENT, because I feel as though I have been out of the loop for a minute. That is the TRUTH...

So with that being said, I am going to ask all my fellow bloggers.... What are you REALLY looking for on site?

hrdashell35 46M
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2/24/2006 2:49 pm

We had talk before, and you already know what i'm all about, I want to be your friend, who you can call on when you finding yourself playing with your pussy, or when you close your eyes imagine your pussy being ate and getting fuck real good. I'm looking for some discreet sexual fun and still be good friends.


QuteNappyBBW 41F

2/26/2006 12:58 am

Something told me that you were going to come in here and post to this.

richwalkxl 41M

3/2/2006 11:15 am

nice... loving datt.. mmm

ClawsEruptBeing 45M

3/30/2006 8:19 am

I am a very good friend and a good listner. And I am damn sure a good pleaser so if you are lonely, I am here in the Brooklyn Area willing to please you.

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