Making me wet  

QuteNappyBBW 41F
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3/28/2006 10:22 am

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6/19/2006 10:47 am

Making me wet

“Bend over,” I hear you say. And as I do, it becomes clear to both of us how turned on I am ‒ my panties are so wet that they are practically transparent at the crotch. My hands are gripping the couch, over which I'm bent, and I feel a flush of warmth rush through my body.

Slowly, I feel your hands take hold of my panties, at my thick hips, and start to slide them down. I close my eyes.

"How does this feel? Can you anticipate what’s coming?", you whisper ever so softly in my ear. I can feel myself swelling, moistening, opening.

As you pull my panties over my mocha fat asscheeks, I hear your breathing become more rapid. I am exposed now. I'm visible, vulnerable.
"How does that feel?", you ask as my panties drop to my ankles, and I can feel them there, on my bare feet.

But you haven’t touched me yet. And this just makes me hotter. I almost can’t wait. I'm craving it. Like a salivating mouth, my pussy is really getting juicy now. You can see the moisture glistening on my pussy lips. You can see them start to tremble.

"Can you feel my breath between your legs? I’m only inches away now.", you say in such a seductive voice.

“Reach back, grab your ass. Spread yourself,” you say. And so I do. This leaves my DDs tits to press tight against the couch, and I feel my nipples hardening.

Hesitantly, nervously, I grab my ass cheeks and spread them for you. Drops of juice run down my thighs, slick and shiny. My pussy is deep pink and is puckering, trembling… begging almost.

SLAP! All at once you let a clap of your hand fall on my pussy, catching me off guard. The pressure landed squarely on my clit, and as it swells I think I may burst, or fall over cumming. I am wild now… desperate to orgasm.

My clit is warm and throbbing, my pussy is quivering, wide open.

"Are you ready for dick?", you ask with a devilish grin on your face.

thedoc912 44M  
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3/28/2006 12:38 pm

WOW!! I love your imagination......

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