what happened to AFF/Passion  

Quietlover70 46M
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5/31/2006 9:36 am

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6/1/2006 1:14 pm

what happened to AFF/Passion

With all of the luke warm dating sites on the net why have we gone and let this one become so lame?
This used to be a true sex personals site! A place where adults could meet other adults who need and want hardcore sex, no dating, no extensive questions no chat for weeks and get to know me crap.
You can try to go to ALT but those people are bizarre and more about pain and mental trips than sex and orgasms. But you know that is what that site was created for, this one was meant for hardcore sex seekers, people who like stranger sex and meeting expressly for sex. Unfortunately over time the females coming here have changed twisted it into more of a relationship and dating site.. the old have you cake and eat it too thing, instead of leaving a good thing alone,
That or its a fishing ad to get your email and send you all kinds of sexually oriented spam.

Cybersex/erotic email: this is a joke, it has no real business being on thsi site, we have a whole group of women coming here for non-physical fun.
They want to flirt and get off without having to give up the pussy. NOT what this site was meant for,If I wanted to fuck my hand I could buy a subscription to a porn site! this category of activity sought has developed into women coming here that want to set a bunch of bullshit terms on just meeting for sex and thus change it from pure lust and meeting for sex to everything and anything else.
Dont get me wrong, I am not saying that this should be strictly a male point of view on sex dating, but, it has become overtly a female pair bonding mentality instead of a truly neutral sex personals site site where you post a nude photo say what you like or want to do and look for a sexual match to enjoy a true anonymous sexual encounter.
Its sad that a good thing has been ruined.

firstupthendown 48M

6/1/2006 8:18 am

You expressed my DISSATISFACTION with this site in a nut shell! All the ads you see on the internet for AdultFriendFinder all say "meet women in your area to fuck tonight!" What a load of crap! I have not received a single "real" reply to my post but I have gotten over 30 replies join some other website, or give them my e-mail address and then they will reach me there. Enticed by fake photos and a BS paragraph about how sexual they are or that they want to meet.
For those women who want weeks of chat or making this a dating site, try Match.com or EHarmony! I spent years on Match and it panned out for sex better than this site did. At least I didn't have the spammers sending me tons of Junk mail. Craigs list is just another example of a site (Casual Encounters) that has become invaded with advertisers.
How do we fix this??
Send e-mails to all the ads you think are fake or from spammers and when they reply and ask for your e-mail, TURN THOSE FUCKERS IN!!!
Also report their photo for abuse and let AdultFriendFinder know that you saw it on another web site. This might clean up some of the advertisers out there.
As for the women who say they want something sexual but want a ton of chatting.......we will put up with it for as long as we can. But remember, the reason we are single and looking on this site is because we got tired of putting up with somebody's crap a long time ago.... and now we want some sex.
Just my 2 cents.

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