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4/6/2006 3:11 pm

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What is going on? I've met several nice women over the last year and none have gone past the second date, but most never pass date one. They all seem to go very well. Good conversation over a nice meal or a coffee. Lots of eye contact. Plenty of laughing. They say they want to meet again, the night ends with a nice long hug...

... but ...


They just dissapear. No returning phone calls. No returning emails. Just nothing. They just go "poof." WTF? Why say one thing when you really don't mean it? I just don't understand. I'd rather have someone say they just don't feel a connection, thanks for the evening, and good luck with everything, rather than "poof." These are women that say communication is very important to them, but I guess they only mean that it's important that the guy communicates, not them. Sorry, that don't fly in my book.

So I move on to the next. I use to continually wonder what went wrong, what did I say, what was that deal breaker? I guess it's just a sad fact of dating that this is what it's come to. The eternal search for that right person continues.

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