The evils of celebrity  

Queen_Of_Wands 45F
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5/16/2006 5:54 pm

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5/18/2006 8:45 pm

The evils of celebrity

There's something really weird about being under gaze, it seems to interfere with psychological DNA. Look what a life under the camera did to Michael Jackson and Prince Charles - they're completely hatstand as a result. They're so crushed by persona that persona is all they have left. A tarantula sheds its skin to grow - the sloughed skin still looks just like a tarantula but there's nothing inside. And anyone naffingly ordinary who suddenly hits the tabloids (think Posh and Becks here) turns into a Hollywood nightmare starring in an endless production of his/her own life (and loving it!).

Then there's Paris Hilton..named after a hotel and seemingly self-defined by making a complete pillock of herself on various TV programmes. Or by scratching her bits in public, as per photo. Very elegant.

All this lot have the personality of a biscuit but they're plastered all over the media as if we should care about them. I don't. They can live any life they want but I don't need to know/want to know/have to know and I sure as hell wouldn't buy a magazine that assumes I do. I could cheerfully cope until the end of time without the slightest knowledge of Posh's latest bone defining diet. If she wants to look like an HB pencil and call herself Posh as if that's enough to make her upper class, let her. She's bought into a mystique she doesn't have. And the scariest thing of all are the other dead ordinary people out there who do that whole celeb airhead lookalike thing. What's that about??

It's all illusion. Not all violins are by Stradivari and the difference is unmistakable.

haversack_smith 40M
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5/17/2006 12:27 am

We seem to live in an age of celebrity for celebrity's sake - that's what Posh is, because she can't sing and doesn't display any other talents either. All you need is a stroke of luck or a fifteen second brush with someone famous and you too could be on TV, in magazines, your life idolized by millions. (Hmmm... sounds kinda like a "fame virus", doesn't it?)

Of course, all this is one of the central themes of To Die For (the Nicole Kidman movie).

Queen_Of_Wands 45F

5/17/2006 8:55 am

Y'know, bumbag, I'd sooner eat my own earwax than be that sad. Or yours

CouplingReturns 44M

5/17/2006 10:05 am

Violins and Stradivari...

You might think such illusions are obvious, but consider the kerfuffle over the Messiah, the archetype Stradivarius

Proclaimed a fake by someone with a mission, it took a team of dendrochronologists to verify that it was indeed made by Stradivari (in fact from the same tree as two other Strads of impeccable provenance).

If you want to read more about it.

Queen_Of_Wands 45F

5/17/2006 2:58 pm

More than one of anything loses charm, I feel. Once things balloon, it's the McDonalds effect. However, if they ever clone Paris Hilton (one of her is too much by a factor of one), I'm going to live on Mir. Or have her kidnapped and released on a lost continent along with Michael Jackson, Prince Charles, Joe Pasquale, Jeffrey Archer and anyone who was ever on Big Brother. And have them all neutered as a precaution.

Queen_Of_Wands 45F

5/18/2006 8:44 pm

Aaaand there's another wave of inanity in the pipe..BigBrother7500000000 is about to vomit them onto TV screens all over the UK. I'd sooner swim in larkspittle rather than watch it. A new cultural low.

Still, it fills the gap that the media lovingly created for pus. And offers a chance to see the inmates fucking, caught on cam for the more peculiar and socially inadequate of viewers. And sells newspapers and endless vacuous magazines dedicated to making us all go 'ooooo' and 'aaaaa' over people you'd never want to actually know because they're utter pointless fuckwits.

I just can't wait.

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