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5/7/2006 5:41 am

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5/12/2006 8:08 pm


That's one to chew on, in this place. Does it exist here, should it?

It's a very personal thing. Some people, here or elsewhere, have no morals; others (most people) operate a sliding scale. I've seen underaged kids here and some told them to get lost, others tried to get their MSN. I have a very strong view of the latter course of action and wouldn't mince words over it. People gang up on others or spread gossip, couples betray each other for something better, jealousy is ever-present here and leads to all kinds of shenanigans.

Then there's the 'married but looking' thing; men pretending to be women; singletons pretending to be couples or groups; weirdos pretending to be whatever and posting info they gain just to hurt their victim. Which poses a further it less moral here than in the real world? And after that, should it inevitably be less moral? After all, people here are still people with kids, friends, lives to live, and I wonder how much of that framework might be shed just by joining an adult site like this.

I guess, here as anywhere, you do what you can live with when you look at your face in the mirror.

haversack_smith 40M
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5/7/2006 9:01 am

I'm not sure people are any less moral on here than they are in the rest of the world; there's no shortage of really nasty, immoral folks out there, people who take great joy in belittling others or going behind their backs, people who'll think nothing of hurting others. Of course, the Internet makes people more willing to display their immorality because their in the company of anonymous names and handles and they don't seem like "real people". But of course, they are.

I think you'll have to live with yourself and you can't selectively disregard your actions in one part of your life. It's the same with business... some people will think nothing of lying and cheating another person or company and explain it away as "only business", as though this somehow resolves them of responsibility. I don't think it does.

Trivium11 28M

5/8/2006 3:30 pm

I'm glad you have the same views on the younger people on here. I just posted a blog up you wanna read it. Basically it goes on how little 12 yr olds are seeing hardcore images which will be disturbing for them.

Queen_Of_Wands 46F

5/8/2006 8:32 pm

I've just been over to visit your post, Triv, and I agree with what you say. This place is for adult behaviours but we also need to remember who else is out there and if we see things that are't right, we should deal with them and not just shrug as if we're not involved.

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