Man on train  

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7/24/2006 9:10 pm

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Man on train

Another 'awayday' looming, so I can hear the dear little birds beaking away as they shake their feathers in preparation for the day.

I met a really mad person on the train yesterday; his outfit drew my eye irresistibly. Imagine stripes of all kinds heading off to varying points on the horizon; he was a perspectival nightmare and made my eyes water. Add to that a Bridget Rileyesque nightmare of abstract colours and what you get is a barber's pole slash candy cane masquerading as a human being. When he started a convo I tried to be polite at first, do that veddy British thing of not paying any attention but in the end it got too much for me

He took it well, turned out to be a real sweetie and used to ribbing so the journey was much less dull as a result. Ex-army guy turned stockbroker, divorced, 2 kids, loads of gay friends equally frightened by his dress sense, mad as a kipper, cool in a crisis, thoroughly nice.

I hate trains as usually the loons find me so I stick my head in a book or feign death but for once the mould broke. Thanks, train guy

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