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5/14/2006 5:38 am

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Eye of the beholder

There are some here that probably think this blog is out of place, but fuck them. It's my blog and I ramble on about anything I choose to; no one forces them to read it.

If I want to talk about erotica instead of porn, I will; if I want to share my thoughts on other stuff, I will. People may not agree with my take on things but that won't stop me expressing it. I'm at an adult site and, as an adult, a lot more interests me than fucking. If you disagree with that:

1. I feel sorry for you
2. Feel free to backtab right about now

This morning I've been browsing one of my favourite fantasy artists, Frank Frazetta. He's another guy that painted what turned him on, and what appealed to me most about his work is his genius with colour. Whatever the subject, and some are, admittedly, pretty comic book, he makes the art glow. Personal favourites are Egyptian Queen and Serpent but there are so many good paintings it's very hard to list them all.

The men and women are erotic in a stylised and beefy way but it works and they're fun to look at as well. Anything to do with sex needs also to be fun or else we might as well be goats. It could be said from some of the paintings that he objectifies women..there are some where they're tied down or helpless. There are also loads of images where the women are warriors so he doesn't have an unhealthy focus on women, he explores their aggression as well as their sensuality. I think it works.

He's not a fine artist but a very skilled artisan and he captured the mood of the times in comicbooks; today, he's the equivalent of the guys who generated Lara Croft and similar for the Playstation market, providing bigbreasted women for adolescents (and older!) to gawp at. Or worse. Still, it's good solid accessible titillating art and better than porn in my view. Most porn's like being mugged; it's cheap and boring and poor quality and only of interest if you think like a chimp. In which case you're probably an epically lousy lay.

Whatever, FF does a great job of combining sensuality with imagination and we all need a touch of that to keep us human. If I want to see chimps, I visit a zoo.

QueenOfWands_ 45F

5/14/2006 5:40 am

This was the post I was typing when dear old AdultFriendFinder decided I was guilty of gawd knows what in the way of whipping and scorpioning for money and deleted me.


mewisemagic3 50M

5/14/2006 11:18 am

I first became interested in FF after buying several Molly Hatchet albums. Later I bought a soft cover book of his work which seems to have gone missing. Lots of very buxom warrior princesses. Oh well, next time I'm in Border's....

QueenOfWands_ 45F

5/14/2006 11:44 am

Yeah, he does like those hot warrior babes, mewise, but also check out the painting of an elephant he did, and the Masai warrior. They're really good.

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