Just some more about me  

QueenLil 71F
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4/15/2005 11:11 pm

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9/23/2006 10:59 pm

Just some more about me

I have met quite a few people on this site.. for the most part it was all good.. Here lately tho, I find I need more time to devote to painting. And to be perfectly honest, it just feels like too much trouble to get to know someone online well enough to even meet in person..
I have really made some good chat friends in the Mature Room, and the Dirty 30 room. I feel like I need my daily chat fix with my friends I have been chatting with for the last three years..
So, I filled out what I thought was a humorous profile.. thinking no one would take it seriously.. Well guess what.. there are quite a few out there who think its the truth.. and they are the ones I hear from.. I would turn my profile off, but everytime I go into chat, someone asks me to turn it back on..
I just wish guys could read and understand my profile was written tongue in cheek..

rm_txrose4uNTX 57F
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4/16/2005 12:27 am

Too funny.. I haven't yet ventured to the dark side (the chat rooms)... but, I may some day. I am enjoying meeting the guys that I am meeting these days. Not all have that magical magic... but one in particular has great potential and we have a 2nd date to find out more.. We'll see...

In the meantime, keep on enjoying life... That's what it is all about!!!

QueenLil 71F

4/16/2005 7:06 am

txrose.... I never dreamed I would get hooked on chatrooms. I origanally got on here out of a revenge thing. Was taking care of a woman with Alzhiemers and was bored out of my mind one day...I did the cyber thing for a while.. and while I am not proud of that chapter.. I hooked up with a doc from Miami, and when we came into one of the cyber rooms, everyone else quit posting and watched us. But that got old, and one day I found myself in the Dirty 30 room.. where people actually talked to each other.. WOW what a concept on A F F. lmao... Since then I have met several of them at bashes. I even went to England to see a man I met in there and was fortunate enough to get to meet several of the English DT members at a surprise party.. except it was no surprise.. as when I got wind of it.. I sent my host my guest list.. So its not all bad.. Right now the Mature room is kinda boring.. I hate it when all you see on the screen is Hello..... bye.... and welcome back.... plus the trolls.. the 20 agers looking for older women cause they think we are desperate and havent been laid in the last 20 years. lol

c2u_nurse_again 69F

4/24/2005 11:14 am

Sista lil, you profile is great!!..never change your truly a treat and a star here, not only a loyal freind but you are classy and talented as well, it would be an extreme pleasure to get to know you as well for any one....c2u_nurse aka Irene

QueenLil 71F

5/22/2005 6:54 am

Oh dear Lobo!!!!... I am not so sure that is a good thing.. lol

Life really is not fair.. and youth really is wasted on the young.

QueenLil 71F

5/22/2005 6:56 am

and if anyone wants to see what I spend most of my time doing.. you can google Rain Cloud Art... There.. I dont think that will get me banned.. * rolling eyes*

QueenLil 71F

6/16/2005 11:14 pm

I wonder how many of you are aware of this.. You can type your handle into the google search engine and it will pull up your profile and pictures.. If you have written anything in any of the magazines... that is there as well for the entire world to see.. I realize the chances of someone typing my AdultFriendFinder handle into google are slim and hopefully none.. but I consider this to be a great invasion of my privacy... Try it.. and let me know what YOU think..

rm_bille2003 70M
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7/3/2005 5:55 pm

Hey lil your quite a gal and a pleasure to know. You do know how to have fun and enjoy your life. I hope in time we become friends and get to enjoy each others company.

QueenLil 71F

7/12/2005 6:16 pm

hey bille.. good to see you here.. You can change my mood to extremely aggravated.. lol.. I had a perfectly good profile.. and AdultFriendFinder in its infinite wisdom... along with a complaint.. jacked me around severely until I changed it.. I have exactly 33 emails from AdultFriendFinder techs all telling me different reasons for my profile suddenly after two years not being approved..

SirJames1947 70M
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8/23/2005 8:27 am

I agree it is ashame that most men do not read a profile and think about what was written, why it was written and if there is an inner meaning.

QueenLil 71F

9/4/2005 1:36 am

Too true Sir James.. I had a different profile when I started this thread... adn AdultFriendFinder in its usual manner of ineptitude fubared it and I had to start from scratch...as you can tell.. I was pissed when I wrote it..
BTW.. I see we are neighbors.. and I did read your profile.. Strange how two people can be a 100 percent match and would not gee haw in bed or in a relationship at all. I could never get into the bdsm scene.. Its just not me..

QueenLil 71F

10/4/2005 9:02 am

This is a classic case of the guilty dog barking first.. This totally unprovoked attack came right after I asked SC what one should concerning remaining silent in the room when a con was in the room telling outrageous lies and totally misrepresenting themselves. Now I see why so many remain silent in lieu of speaking up.. lmao..

areu2jelus (F) QueenLil......you fuckin piece of shit...go play with yourself.......you are the bigges culprit in here !!!!!!!!!!!!!!11111 [7:07 PM PST] areu2jelus (F) am so tired of you ladies trying to hurt the good people of this room.... IT IS NOT YOUR FUCKIN PLAY GROUND QUEEN LIL [7:08 PM PST areu2jelus (F) now go bann me....................got that !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 [7:07 PM PST]

SouthernCharms (F) but yes the behind the scenes mess needs to stop [7:07 PM PST]

areu2jelus (F) ya got that you fuckin piece of shit ! [7:07 PM PST]

Looking4607 (F) AMEN AND AMEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! [7:07 PM PST]

areu2jelus (F) just like you and Shelby did to me !!!!!!!!!!!!11 [7:07 PM PST]
areu2jelus (F) Queen............try again you shit face woman...wanna see my picture.....lets just compare !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! [7:09 PM PST] areu2jelus (F) a, sp tired of Queen and Shelby having their fuckin fun.....and hurting people of this room !!!!!!!!!!!!!!11 [7:09 PM
QueenLil (F) areu... you are the biggest fake and liar in this room.. get a cam.. and then we will see waht you really look like [7:10 PM PST]
areu2jelus (F) well somone needed to say it.........so I DID..............
areu2jelus (F) now whomever wants to cuss at me.....or tell me to go to hell....thats okay......just be prepared to back it up........I so enjoy my friends in this room...and am so tired of all the pasting and posti [7:12 PM
QueenLil (F) nope areu.. I dont yahoo .. if you really have a cam turn it on right now [7:14

areu2jelus (F) well, personally QueenLil......my cam is for private.....I don't share it around at all !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 [7:15 PM PST]
QueenLil (F) of course its for private.. becuase you totally misrepresent yourself [7:16 PM PST]

areu2jelus (F) Queen.......give me your yahoo id.........I would be more than happy to make you fuckin gag......!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111 [7:18 PM
QueenLil (F) areu.. I dont want my computer fucked up.. turn your cam on in here right now [7:18 PM PST] areu2jelus (F) well Queen.......you think you grab emails......hahahahahahah.............. [7

areu2jelus (F) Queen.......just be a woman.......quit being a mean lady.........and hurting people ! [7:21 PM PST]
QueenLil (F) Looking with people like you and arue.. and several others.. I am this way everytime you see me... cuase when you type..nothing but bull shit and lies come on the screen [7:24 PM

Looking4607 (F) Queen, u have been de-throwned!!!!!!!!! U have always been a trouble maker! U R SO TWO FACED, YOU TALK ABOUT UR FRIENDS WHEN THEY ARE NOT HERE!!!!!!!!!!!

[7:25 PM PST] areu2jelus (F) Queen..........ah......ya forget.....I throw a pretty damn good knife.....be careful who you pick on if I am in here ! [7:27 PM PST] Looking4607 (F) Queen, bring it on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LMAO.........You deserve just what you get!!!!!! THE QUEEN OF MEAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! [7:27 PM PST]
jeepgirl4x4 (F) believe me he is real oh my is he [7:27 PM

QueenLil (F) jeezus christ areu.. you throw a mean knife? do I need to turn my screen to the side so it misses me.??? lamo [7:27 PM PST]
areu2jelus (F) Queen..........noppers.........you's my target...........so get used to it.....or be a nice woman ! [7:29 PM PST]

Freddie572 (M) Thinks Lil Better not Step over the Line again,, I'm not a joke to played with Queenie [7:29 PM PST

QueenLil (F) areu I am shakin in my bare feet.. lmao [7:30 PM PST]

stillready2004 (F) a toast to all who are iperfect in lil's eyes,,,,? [7:30 PM PST]

jeepgirl4x4 (F) looking or peeps who cut and paste and add to it [7:30 PM PST]

QueenLil (F) freddie.>>>>>>joke joke joke joke joke joke [7:30 PM

areu2jelus (F) Queen.......you's bitin a wrong tail again......best behave !!!!!!!!!!! [7:30 PM PST

Freddie572 (M) Well what Lil has done could very well effect your professional Life and she is to Ignorant to know it , [7:31 PM PST
QueenLil (F) freddie.. I dont care waht they say about you hon.. you need to go back on yer meds [7:32 PM PST]
areu2jelus (F) Looking............I so agree with you.....and I am trying to put a stop to people getting hurt behind their backs ! [7:32 PM
QueenLil (F) areu.. then the best thing you can do is turn on your cam right now.. and prove to everyone in here that you are what you say you are [7:33
QueenLil (F) areu.. then the best thing you can do is turn on your cam right now.. and prove to everyone in here that you are what you say you are [7:33
acepilot1946 (M) q2ueen---I have seen this lady--and a lady she is---believe me ---she is tiny---and gorgeous---would not fit in the coven---have to be fat and ugly---no wonder you gals hate her---jelousy is a hell oa [7:35 PM PST]
QueenLil (F) jeep and we all know what you look like as well. you double bagger.. lmao
areu2jelus (F) Queen........but wouldn't you love to be up his ass?.........he wouldn't take you on bet.........damn.....you lose again!!!!!!!!!!!11 [7:38 PM areu2jelus (F)
Freddie....well her handle needs to change......a Queen is smart...tactful....and tries to be helpful and please people ! [7:

QueenLil 71F

10/4/2005 9:05 am

Incase you just read thru all of the above crap and are wondering who this is:"Over here in this corner.. we have a ladie from the old Dirty30 room, who everyone remembers as very quiet, and very heavy.. very heavy.. Now she has reincarnated herself in the MatureRoom, as a motorcycle riding mama, standing at little over 5 feet and weighing around 100 pounds.. I myself am wondering how she picks up that Harley she claims to ride. *shrugs*.. She is also, depending upon which man she is talking to, as she never turns her profile on, and no one has or will see a picture of her... claims to be an attorney.. race car driver.. college professor.. yeppers she does.. lmao..and you guys eat that shit up.. * shakin head in wonder* "
Its none other than the infamous areu who was actually stupid enough to think that by threatening me with her knife throwing abilites I would be scared.. * rolling eyes*

QueenLil 71F

10/23/2005 5:07 pm

this should be self explanatory.. even tho it is an oxymoron as there is no rhyme or reason for this kind of stupidty in a chat room.

SHELBY2727 (F) areu...please do not flashchat me..I am not interested in engaging your drama [3:03 PM PST]
areu2jelus (F) okie dokie Shelby,....tried to do it lady like........vengence is mine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! [3:04 PM PST]
SHELBY2727 (F) get some help areu..for you [3:05 PM PST]
areu2jelus (F) Shelby.......you have just bitten off your worst nightmare!!!!!!!.............. [3:05 PM PST]
SHELBY2727 (F) sick woman...back to iggy [3:06 PM PST]
jherbear (M) how exactly does one bite off something not real [3:06 PM PST]
areu2jelus (F) jherbear........well........when nothing is real.........and she isn't........nope [3:07 PM PST]
areu2jelus (F) Suzie......don't do it too openly......otherwise.....some jealous females do damage from this room !!!!!!!!!!!!!11 [3:14 PM PST]
areu2jelus (F) Needmore......be careful my friend.......you might be the nexr victum ! [3:15 PM PST
need_more_please (F) thank you arey my friend....but they can't kill what isn't living [3:16 PM PST

QueenLil 71F

10/31/2005 12:27 am

October 30
DynamicLoverboy (M) <----thinking about inviting someone to my "ignore network" of people I formerly chatted with [1:58
areu2jelus (F) now that sucks......I have never, ever iggied one person from this room!........shows true character huh? [1:59 DynamicLoverboy (M) the term "shit-stirrer" comes to mind [2:00 PM PST] TwitchyDick (M) who's the shit sirrer DLB ? [2:01 PM
areu2jelus (F) Twitchy.......he is referring to me ! [2:01 PM PST] DynamicLoverboy (M) TwitchyDick>>Just watch and find out... she makes it pretty damn obvious [2:01 PM PST areu2jelus (F) okie dokie DLB......was trying to prove a point.....and I did!........so no more....enjoy...... [2 areu2jelus (F) think I will go back to my railroad tracks.....being from Oklahoma......the tracks separated a lot of us.... [2:04 PM

Jill_and_Jack4u2 (C) Oh my!-Just checking out profiles-some of you are very mature one lady says she is 59 and looks 69-That really frightened me-it is close to Halloween [2:35
QueenLil (F) Jill???
Jill_and_Jack4u2 (C) Sorr-just call it how I see it [2:36 PM PST]
: QueenLil (F) Jill well I think you have some outside influence.. thats just my take on it.. [
QueenLil (F) Jill looks like you really have a problem with me.. as this is the first time we have spoke.. sorry you dont have a mind of your own and cannot make your own decisions.. but then this room is full of pretenders like you.

rm_songbird5419 62F
305 posts
11/4/2005 9:46 am

YIKES Lil...seems like the drama in the Mature room is worse than the New England room!!! At least neck-in-neck anyway!! I've actually "met" some really nice folks in both places, some in real life and some just online. The posers, fakers, and control freaks generally out themselves sooner or later. Too bad they have to try and spoil it for everyone else!!

If you are strong and push through the pain and the fear, you often find that happiness is waiting for you on the other side.

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