I'm supposed to come up with a title for this crap?? lol  

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12/31/2005 12:05 am

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I'm supposed to come up with a title for this crap?? lol

Before you read below which was so generously supplied to me by a friend .. First off, I did not see that Marsha and her oriental pal were correcting my spelling.. I thought they were disagreeing with me, so I sent Marsha a link to a site that explains ritual sepaku.. ( yep spelled it wrong again.. lmao) And what Niri says about me regularly emailing men to warn them about her is total bull shit and a lie. There is NO need to warn any of the men about Niri.. They soon see her for what she is without anyone telling them.. lol

(F) Niri, I got an e-mail from Lil about the hara kiri and seppuku....
[ NIRIANA (F) Marsha.. why am I NOT surprised?
Marsha911 (F) Niri, I pointed out that in her own evidence (she quoted a web site about it) her spelling was off, and there isn't always necessarily a second.....sheesh....
NIRIANA (F) marsha.. she regularly sends mails to med I happen to talk with here warning them about me.. ROFLMAO [ 1:35 AM EST]
NIRIANA (F) Marsha.... oh jeezzzz.... [ 1:36 AM EST
vvrancher (F) Marsha.......did she expect you to commit it???..............smacks self!!!.......lmao
Marsha911 (F) Niri, we have decided that she is unwell....that is the only explanation....
Marsha911 (F) vvrancher, I resisted the urge to ask her to demonstrate it....I would have been her second.... [ 1:37 AM EST]
NIRIANA (F) Marsha.. she stays in my iggy and NEVER will be let out and I dont give a hoot about how people 'love' her!
NIRIANA (F) LMAO @ VV.. I bet that thought HAS crossed her mind actully LOL
Maria__ (F) unwell???
[ NIRIANA (F) Marsha... pathetic little woman with delusion of grandeur.. I have sen her in action for years now...
Marsha911 (F) free2, Lil decided that she was right, but spelled hara kiri and seppuku wrong....wouldn't even listen to the oriental fellow who agreed with my version, or Niri....sheesh [

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