Every Man's Dream CUM True.....  

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4/6/2006 6:36 pm
Every Man's Dream CUM True.....

I'm a bi-female. I have been this way since i was very young. I've
always known i am different. I was attracted to some of my girlfriends
in school. I knew this wasn't a "normal" thing but didn't know how to
stop it. I am attracted to both sexes about the same. I have a oral
fetish. I will lick a pussy or suck a cock for hours. This brings me
alot of pleasure. So with this said heres my life now.

I have a man at home i met on a dating site. I love him with all my
heart & soul. He understands that i'm bi & doesn't have any issues with
this. He is actually telling me to persue my inner desires. He wants me
to be happy by "being me". We live a pretty good life. We have tossed
around the idea of a woman living with us. And so it's happened. She is
for my pleasure only. She has her own room down the hall. Her & i spend
alot of time in this room.

The room has a jungle theme. We at times are like animals in here. I
take her in my arms. I hold her close as i begin to kiss her neck. I
tease her ear lobs. I move down & around her neck to her lucious lips. I
stick my tongue in her mouth a bit to tease her. She flicks my tongue
with hers. I feel the passion. She is so tense from desire. She knows my
gentle touch is comin'. The anticipation is building. I raise her
eyebrows when i slide her erect nipple thru my finger tips. I caress her
silky skin. I cup her c cup breasts in my hands. Gently licking my way
down her chest. I stop at her nipple. I lick it with desire. I suck it
in my mouth. Flicking the nip with my tongue. I can feel her body
temperture rising. She's so tense as i gently guide her to the bed. I
lay her down on the silk sheets. She wimpers out a cry of passion. It
makes me want her even more. I pour down her belly making a outline with
the chocolate syrup. I then take my tongue & lick it up. Cleaning every
inch of her lovly curved body. I lick up every drop of sryup. Criss
crossing her chest. Catching her very erect nipples with every sweep.
She purrs with a distinct sound. I know i'm getting her where i want
her. Her breathing is heavy & very deep. She gasps for a breath every
now & then. I go a bit lower to hit her very erect clit. My tongue finds
it sticking out & hard. She lets out a scream. I flick my tongue over it
a few times then i suck it in my mouth. I flick it a few times & let it
go again. I insert my tongue in her wet pussy. Sliding it in & out. I
get a taste of her sweet love juices. She is so turned on her body is
tensed up. She arches her back to give me a better shot into her pussy
with my tongue. I use my hands to hold her pelvis up in the air. I tease
her by running my fingers along her inner thigh. I then run my finger
tips around the outer rim of her opening. I put two fingers inside her
dripping wet pussy. I glide in & out with ease from the wettness. She
screams out in sheer delight. Her breath is so intense. She reaches over
& grabs my body. She pulls me over to her. She puts her tongue right in
me. Licking up every sweet drop of me. I feel her tongue slide in &
swirl around inside me finding every sweet drop. Then i feel her fingers
inside me. Teasing the special spot. So i attack her g spot as well. She
is quivering. She's squirming all over. I feel her tongue working
feverishly on my clit. She is making me moan while i suck her clit into
my mouth. She sucks mine in as well. We suck each others clit till we
are moving all over moaning with the altimate feelings of pure passion.
I back off a bit. I don't want her to cum just yet. I pull "rex" (a
eight inch purple cock) out. I insert it in her sweet hole. She squirms.
I start off slow. She starts pounding her fingers in deeper & harder the
more i pump her pussy with my cock. I begin to give it to her in long
hard pumps. She coos with such content. She lets out screams of passion.
She kisses me tenderly on my clit as she gets ready to climax. Her
tongue is hot against my swollen clit. She licks vigerously as she lets
out a scream. "Fuck me babe, fuck me hard" so i give her what she wants.
I slide the cock in & out with thunderous pumps. Till she yells out
"Here I cum babe, I'm cummin' baby"! I feel her body is so tight. She's
about to burst. I quickly pull the cock out & insert my fingers. I hit
the love spot & she let her juices flow all over my fingers the whole
time she's screaming out moans of complete satisfaction. This makes me
cum all over her face as well. We lap up every drop. Enjoying each
other. I turn around to give her a taste of her sweet love juice. She
gives me mine as well. We exchange our passions. Smelling the aroma of
ourselves on the others face. We lay beside each other cuddled up
against the others silky skin.

I get up & go take a shower. She comes in & joins me. We wash each
others bodys in pure delight. I lather up the wash cloth. I run it over
her breasts. She has her cloth going over my neck coming down my chest.
I wash her belly & sides rubbing ever so gently. I use a feather type
touch to intise her. It works as she giggles. She squirms a bit. So she
returns the favor to me. She uses just the tips of her fingers & glides
them up my side. I squirm abit as it tickles me as well. I run just my
finger between her legs. Lightly touching just the outer rim of her
hole. Gliding up till i hit her clit. It's hard & sticking up. She's
still abit wet from before. I get down on my knees. I lift her leg to
the side of the tub. She willingly helps me out. I lick her clit. She is
still very sensitive to the touch. I enjoy every flick of my tongue on
her. She is moaning again. I love the tones she makes for me when i am
pleasing her. She arches herself to give me better access. I lick her
around the rim of her opening. She jiggles abit. I lick her even more. I
move my tongue back to her clit. I take "pink" (a 10 inch cock) off the
shelf in the shower & insert it in her waiting hole. She pushes against
it . It goes in easily. She begins to ride it. I attach it to the strap.
She puts both legs up on the sides & says "Fuck me baby"! So i ablige
her. She takes all 10 inches. She screams out "Fuck me, Fuck me hard"!
So i give it to her. I pound her with long hard strokes. She keeps
ramming her tight ass against me. So i put my finger around her asshole.
She slows down enough to let me insert our newest investment. I let the
water run over her ass to lube my way. I insert "dino"(a 4 inch ass
plug). She lets out a whimper. Then begins thrusting herself against me
again. I let her ride me for sometime in this fashion. She is pounding
herself against me so hard i almost fall over. I let her ride me. As i
slide my stiff tool in & out of her pussy. I'm also sliding "dino" in &
out by hand. This action is making her so wild. She continues to tell me
"fuck me baby, fuck me harder, give it to me". So i do. She lets a sweet
shout of pleasureable moans. I give her what she wants from me. When i
feel a warm touch between my legs. This hand is rubbing against my
pussy. Feeling how wet i am. Enjoying this wettness beyond any words. I
feel a cock slide between my legs. The hand inserts the 10 inch dildo
into my eagerly awaiting pussy. The hand is using the rythem i'm using &
quickly gets me to climax. This seems to arouse her as well. She's about
to cum all over me. I grab her nips in my fingers as she cums with a

I turn to look & it's my best friend. She has cum to visit me for a few
days. She loves a good feast of pussy. She is delighted with the aroma
in the room. A cherry scent has filled the room. We continue with our
escapade. She turns & walks out of the room. I noticed some candles had
been lit all over the house. I see she has made herself very comfy.
Lyin' on the bed just waiting for us to arrive. I enter the room & she
says cum here beautiful April. We lay there & kiss each other with such
passion. We haven't seen each other in months. I whisper in her ear
while kissing her lovely neck. Now you have met Trish in the flesh babe.
What do you think of her? Tammy replied, very nice pussy can i please
her to? Sure. As i went back to getting her aroused when i felt extra
hands touching me. Going right for the good stuff. My wet hot pussy. I
jump a bit when Trish put her tongue on my clit. Tammy had my nipple in
her mouth. The other in her hand. I was licking paths up her ear lobes.
She was beginning to breath heavy. I moved on down her chest. I took her
nipple in my mouth. Lightly rubbing my teeth on it. Gently grinding my
teeth around it. She yipes with pleasure. Tammy likes rough. Not pain.
So she is my true animal slave. We decide to show Trish a few new ideas.
I took out "dino" & poured a bit of lube down the crack of Tammy's ass.
She moves a bit as it's cold. I enter "dino" in her ass. She squirms &
makes her pelvis arch up so i can get to her pussy as well.
She likes me to eat her pussy while i prime her for bigger & better
things to come. She likes both her holes busy. I like to fill them for
her. I get out the big toys for her. Her favorite is "punks" (a 12 inch
black fat cock). She prefers "pinks" (a 7 inch nobbed cock) in her ass.
I have a dual strap on just for her. I can fuck her ass & pussy & she
loves it. She purrs most when you pound her doggie style. She will ride
you at times. If your not giving it to her fast or hard enough.
I entered her ass with "pinks". I put "punks" in her pussy. Both in the
strap on belt already. She's grinding her body against me taking every
inch of them both. Moaning very loudly. Letting us know she is enjoying
every thrust in. As i'm fucking her, i'm getting wet again from Trish
eating my pussy. Tammy tells Trish "cum here babe i want that pussy".
Trish sits on her face facing me. So i grab her lovely titties & suck on
her very hard & erect nipples. I can hear the moans getting more intense
from Tammy as she gets Trish to cry out in a lovely way. Her coos are
loud but definite. They are both in a state of pure heaven. Each getting
pleasured in different ways. Trish leans over & starts caressing my
breasts. She is playing with my clit with the other hand. She grabs
"rocky" (the bullet vibebrater) from the nite stand. Lighty puts it on
my already sensitive clit. I cum almost instantly. My crys of desire put
them two into a state of ecstasy. Both trying hard not to cum just yet.
Trish wants more from Tammy. She is loving every flick of Tammy's tongue
& stroke of "ike" (a 7 inch blue nobbed cock) in her tight dripping wet
pussy. We are all close to a major climax. We are all cooing with
passion when i let loose. I start oozing on Trish's hand. She puts her
fingers in her mouth & sucks them dry. Only to redip them for another
taste. Trish gives Tammy a treat when she squirts on Tammy's face. Tammy
cries out as she too lets her self go. I can see "punks" turning white.
Trish & i fall to the bed in pure exhaustion. Tammy holds us one on each
side. Rubbing her fingers around on each of our pussys. Getting them wet
& licking them dry. Just to redip them for another taste. She sits up &
begins sucking "punks" clean. She came up to kiss me. She put her tongue
in my mouth giving me her sweet pussy cream. I enjoy every drop. She
then puts her tongue between my legs to lick my still dripping hole. She
pops between Trish & i. Licking us both clean. Trish & i grab her &
enjoy cleaning her up as well. We all cuddle & fall asleep holding each
What a day we had. Our passions filled for a couple of hours anyway.
Till one of us wakes up. Surrounded by two pussies & four titties. Just
for them.

More women for this. Need more for a bigger feast...
Inquire within...

Love Always, April

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