An Erotic Shower  

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4/6/2006 6:55 pm

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An Erotic Shower

I step into the shower & the hot water starts to trickle
down over my nude body, My nipples automatically become
as hard as little rocks. I can feel the heat from your body
as you rub up against me. I turn & look up into your eyes
& can see the passion & the desire smouldering there.
You bend your head & take my eagerly waitng lips. As you
slide your tongue inside of my mouth, I can feel the electricity
flowing through my body. I feel a flood of desire unlike
any I have ever felt in my life. You pull me closer & wrap
your arms around me. I can feel your growing desire against
me. You use such restraint & pull away just enough to reach
for the soap. I gasp with delight as you begin to run the soap
over my body. You then lay the bar of soap aside & begin
running your hands over my body, feeling, teasing & making
me whimper from desire. I wanted you to feel the same &
took the soap & began running it over your body too. I could
see from the look in your eyes that you were enjoying this
but you seemed to be under control. Then, I worked up a lather
in my hands with the bar of soap & laid the bar aside. I took
my hands & grasped your hard cock & rubbed the lather
up & down. By the intake of breath I knew that I was getting
to you. I kept stroking as you moaned so slightly. You reached
over took me into your arms again & began kissing me with
so much passion that my legs threatened to buckle. You move
one hand away from my back & reach between my legs to rub
my clit & I jerked with pleasure. I was so sensitive, so
hot, dripping with silky sweet cum. You looked at me with the
sweetest smile & my heart fluttered. You then slid a finger
inside of me & my body began to tremble with pure desire. You
leaned over & kissed me again & I could feel your desire
was as strong as mine. You turned to me & moved me so that you
could have me in a better position for you. I was not sure
what to expect next but I was breathless from the anticipation.
You took one hand & raised one of my legs out to the side
& placed my foot on the side of the bathtub for support. You
then bent slightly & slid your hard cock in between my legs
& into my dripping wet pussy. The entrance was slow &
deliberate. You began moving back & forth while inside of me
& the pleasure was so intense. As I look into your eyes, I
see the passion & it again makes my heart flutter once again.
What is up with that? You would think I was a flirty teenager.
In & out, deeper & deeper, with each stroke the fire was
building inside of me threatening to explode. I could feel
you growing harder & harder & knew that you were feeling
the same overwhelming feelings that I was. The sounds coming
from my throat sounded almost like an animal. I have a grip on
your arms as you work in & out of my body. You too are making
sounds & that makes me wild. I am getting so close to exploding
& this only serves to make it harder for you to hold back.
As the first waves of orgasm start for me, you begin to throb
& let out a sound like I can never remember hearing before.
We explode together, each of us panting & moaning in delight.
I feel your juices flowing into me & this just heightens
the intensity of the orgasm. We are both trembling now &
cling to each other for support. You kiss me again & I melt
into your arms. We hold each other for a while & finally
begin to stir as we realize that the water is turning cool.
We quickly rinsed off & got out of the shower to dry each
other off with lots of stolen kisses & carresses that
led us back to the bed to continue where we left off.....
Wanna join us??

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4/8/2006 8:02 am

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