We are thinking of moving on  

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4/11/2005 5:20 pm

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We are thinking of moving on

Does this really work for any of you who are somewhat shy and unsure about all of this? We think it might, and have met - online - some wonderful and patient folks here.

But is it enough?

Does it make you more whole as a person, a couple, or a group?

Or is that too hard a question? Is it just meet, find out if you get along more or less, and if the answer is yes, find a comfortable place and go for it?

Do you think about it at all, or do just let the lust take over and enjoy the wonderful feelings of being penetrated by a new cock, or sliding into a wet, aroused pussy? Of licking someone until they tremble in orgasmic bliss? Of palming a breast, tweaking a nipple, fingering an anus?

We really want to know. But so far all we are getting is empty responses (except from a very small, select few). And without more confirmation, more awareness, more knowledge...

We will just have to slip away and wonder a bit, but move on with things.

What do you think? How does it happen? How does it work?

Help us learn - please!

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