Quiet Afternoon  

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4/3/2005 2:32 pm

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Quiet Afternoon

On a quiet, vaguely sunny early spring afternoon:

Would you come out into the woods behind our house and play in our hammock with us?

Would you take off your clothes or maybe just open your shirt and undo a zipper or belt or flip up your skirt?

Would you stroke, palm and caress yourself? Your partner? One of us?

Would the breeze caress you and the sun warm you as pleasure crept into your loins?

Would you indulge in full-throated orgasm, or would you just whimper quietly as your body shook and trembled with pleasure?

And after, would you lie in the sun, revelling in nature or would you dash quickly away, afraid and ashamed of your bodies and your actions?

What would you do? If you could? If you dared?

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