Nervous Meeting  

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12/13/2005 5:57 am

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Nervous Meeting

Going to the hotel where I was due to meet, the butterflies in my stomach were incredible, considering I am used to dealing with people meetings involving large sums of money, but I knew that this meeting would be different. I hadn't seen a picture of the person I was due to meet, but he had seen mine, so every time the doors to the hotel lobby opened my heart would skip a beat. Eventually I was put out of my misery when he wondered in through the doors, being instantly recognisable by the look of nervous anticipation written large on his face... would I like the look of him? Would we get on? How do we handle this?

I had booked a room at a nearby hotel for the occasion, but when we first met this seemed utter folly.... did this man fancy me? Would we hit it off? Was I wasting my time and his? The nerves in those few seconds whilst he approached me with that nervous smile had me trembling. Put those aside, I told myself firmly, and went into client meeting mode.

We went to the bar for a drink, chatting about his wife, my husband, what we did, who we were, anything apart from what we had planned for later that evening. He drove us back to the other hotel, still making small talk about nothing in particular, I checked in whilst he ordered another drink for us at the bar. Finished those drinks, the nerves started rising again... where do we go from here? I plucked up the courage to say 'Do you want another drink, or should we go upstairs?' It was his first time too, but she immediately replied 'go upstairs' in a small, almost timid voice.

Upstairs we went, the conversation turning a little forced as the nerves began to show again, into the room... now how do we start? For those who are used to picking up strangers in a night club, one night stands, etc., a word of warning... I have had more than my share of these, and there is nothing in those experiences that will you prepare you for a meeting such as this.

We touched for the first time, held each other in our arms, and stayed this way for a few moments. We were both shaking slightly with the nerves tingling. I asked if he was ok with this, did he want to be here, and he closed his eyes and leaned down to kiss me. Slowly at first, then with increasing rigour as we ground our bodies against each other, the kissing became more passionate and we knew we has passed that point of no return, the nerves had gone to be replaced by much ore pleasurable stirrings the rest of the evening is between me and my new friend, but suffice to say the Earth moved for both of us that night.

We have not been in contact since but would love to arrange another meeting soon, possibly with his wife and my husband as well, so this story may have to be amended in due course.

I hope reading this story strikes a cord with those who have had similar experiences, and for those thinking about making that first step, I hope this encourages you to do so, secure in the knowledge that you will be no more nervous than I was that first time! Good luck to you all.

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