weight bench...  

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1/9/2006 5:10 pm

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weight bench...

its been awhile since i last saw u. when i heard u were in town i knew i had to see you. when u called i got so excited to hear ur voice. so i put on the cutest little outfit, since i know what u like, and drove to the resturant to meet you. we did the catch up game, how are u's what have u been doing, and so on. the whole time im just undressing u with my eyes. the wines getting to my head slightly, and i start my usual sly grin, and batting eyes. u know what im thinking and smile. u finish ur wine and u then ask me to come back to your friends place where u are staying. i agree of course. as if u had to ask. we walk and talk knowing whats really on each others minds. we walk in and ur friend is hanging out with some others on the couch. it would be too obvious to walk right up to the bedroom. so we chat for a few, while of course im getting more and more needy. ur eyes are on me the whole time as i take off my coat and sit on the couch, bending over in your direction. i see u peer down my shirt. its tight and u can definately see it all. u grin slightly and i know just what ur thinking. i cant wait to have ur hands rubbing them. u get up and leave the room, saying u have laundry to get done, u go downstairs. but before u go, u ask me to join you. i get up and excuse myself, and follow u down. its an older place almost spooky, but it will do. ur standing by the washer throwing ur clothes in carelessly, when u smile at me when i enter. i walk over to u, and u pull me close to u, and kiss me like uve needed me forever. arms at my waist u pull me so even closer so i can feel ur cock getting hard against me. kissing my neck with ur fingers thru my hair, i moan quietly u always know just how to get me. my hands start to wonder to ur waist as i start to unbuckle ur pants. i find ur cock and it just about busts out of ur pants. i love how hard i get you. i take ur shirt off and begin to kiss ur chest from the top down. i lick circles around ur belly button, and lay kisses on ur hips, i love teasing you with my tongue. i lick ur head and wrap my fingers around ur hard cock. as i finally put ur head in my mouth i use my hands to rub what i cant get in there, u love it, i hear u moan above saying oh god yes. i suck harder and harder and i can taste ur pre cum already. mmm so sweet. u lift me off my knees and pick me up on the washer. its u lift my shirt, and pull off my bra, my tits hanging in ur face u finally lick my nipples, and i moan, biting em them hard i can feel them get hard in ur mouth. mmm i love when ur suck my nipples, i say, i want u soo bad, i whisper in ur ear. you passionately kiss me on my mouth again, and then say not as bad as i want to fuck u right now. i smile u lift me off the washer, and unbutton my jeans, u notice im not wearing any panties. u smile, i say its easier with out them.. we share a little laugh as i rub ur cock as u reach in my jeans and start rubbing my pussy. u put me back on the washer, and spread my legs, i can feel ur fingers wander and tease my already wet pussy. im rubbing ur cock when u tell me to touch myself. i lift my right leg up and spread myself wide, as i begin to rub my pussy, u stand back and watch while rubbing ur cock. this gets me hotter, and i start to push my fingers in my pussy. finger ur cunt u say... mmmm i moan louder. it feels so wet and warm, i cant wait to get ur cock in there. im sitting exposed on the washer watchin u rub ur cock. i get more and more turned on by the second. finally u come over, and lean down to use ur tongue on my wet pussy. mmmm u taste soo fucking good u say. mmm fuck my pussy with ur tounge. PLEASE. spreading me wider on the washer, u enter me with ur tounge wiggling around i start to bounce my pussy on ur tongue. oh god yes u feel so good in my pussy. i cant wait for ur cock. u look me in the eye as u take ur finger and enter it my ass. oooh yes i say. fuck yes. i love u in my ass. ur finger in my ass and ur tounge in my pussy is almost too much to handle, i cum for the first time, and u ask if im ready for ur cock. i jump down from the washer. and pull you to the corner. theres a workout bench there, i lay u down on ur back, as i climb on top of u. u say nothing because it happens all so quickly. ur cock enters my pussy, and i moan...ooooh fuck! yes, i love ur cock. i sit all the way down on it, and for a moment rest, just so i can feel it all in me. all 9 inches. of ur cock in my pussy i slowly start moving my hips up and down. it feels soooo good. i start rubbing my tits and pinching my nipples as i ride u. u moan, saying yes... fuck yes, ride my cock u dirty girl. feels sooo tight. i love ur pussy. i get more turned on and go faster and faster. u lift ur upper body up to wrap ur arms around my waist. u kiss me and i can feel ur hands down my back and then go straight for my ass. u spread my ass checks wide, and i can feel u slide a finger in my ass...god yes, that feels sooooo good. finger my ass as i ride ur cock i say. faster and harder i move to feel u deeper and deeper in me. i feel ur body start to shudder and shake. u lay back down ur eyes closed, as i raise myself off my cock, and take u in my mouth again, tasting my juices i lick ur shaft and ur head, and i put u in my mouth and suck u again. IM CUMMING u say..im gonna cum. u do, and it runs down from my lips. to my tits. i love ur warm cum on my tits. u smile at me and say u missed me. im kneeling by ur side, while u reach behind me and feel my still very wet pussy. come here u say. and u guide my hips over ur head. u shove ur tonge again in my pussy. cleanin my juices, while makeing even more. i sit on ur face till u make my body tremble, and i cum once more.
we get cleaned up and share another kiss and hug... finally we go back up stairs, ur friends look at us and smile. they know. we know but who cares. and thats the story of how we "broke in" the weight bench.

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2/5/2006 4:33 pm

i would love to meet you. let me know

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