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Green Thumb

Mary had had it with the company that cared for the office plants. After three calls in the last week, she was still staring at a wilting philodendron tower in the corner of her office.
Mary paged her receptionist Julie and asked her to call a few office plant services and set up some interviews. She then filed the event in her meticulously kept mind and went on about the business of running an advertising office. She learned to ignore the plant dying in her corner as she made calls and met with clients. Aside from the occasional explanation about the shrinking vine, her week went well.

Friday morning, Julie entered the office to report that she had lined up three interviews for the service. Two were later in the morning and one was just after lunch. As Julie handed Mary the literature provided by each service, she had a strange look on her face. This puzzled Mary until she saw the third brochure Julie handed her. On the cover was a photograph of a man delivering a plant. This was not unusual in itself; what was unusual was the outfit worn by the man in the photo. Instead of the professional twill pants and short-sleeved shirt worn by representatives in other photos, this man was wearing cut off jeans and a faded sleeveless blue denim shirt.

She stifled a laugh as she studied the picture. The man was obviously well built. His tan legs and hard-muscled arms were very evident in the photo. The shirt was open to reveal a full six-pack of abs and firm tanned chest.

"Who ever said sex doesn't sell," she quipped to Julie. She looked up to see the longing look Julie was giving the photo.

"He has a great phone voice, too," Julie replied.

"You mean he is the owner?" Mary exclaimed. Her shock was mixed with a slight thrill as she realized she would be meeting this man after lunch.

"Owner and delivery man," replied Julie.

Julie returned to her desk and Mary tried to get to the business of selecting a new office plant service. She met with the first representative and was impressed by the variety and price of their plants. The salesperson was competent and convinced her that her company would be an excellent choice. Mary thanked her and prepared for the next interview.
The next representative was a brash young man who immediately put her off with his pushy demeanor and condescending attitude. It was clear that he thought he was better equipped to discuss office plants that a mere female.

That may be true, she thought, but you won't get this female's business.

Mary considered canceling the afternoon appointment. She already had a good estimate and was confident the first service would be an excellent choice. Afterward, she never could remember why she went ahead with the interview. Instead, she found herself in the restroom after lunch, freshening up her powder and putting on lipstick.
She looked at herself in the mirror. At 34, she was the picture of the successful business woman. Tightly-wrapped bun-style hair, meticulously pressed blouse, sharply pleated skirt. Her figure was an impressively maintained size 10 and her clothing fit like it was designed just for her. She felt satisfied with what she saw. She loosened the top two buttons of her blouse, revealing just a hint of laced lifted cleavage.

Two can play at this game she thought. She sprayed a small amount of perfume on her neck and returned to her office. Julie lifted her eyebrows slightly as she passed, but wisely kept silent. After all, who was she to comment; she had loosened three buttons and let her hair down during lunch herself...

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